THURSDAY: Dave Doeren Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren

"Ready for Tallahassee. Excited to go down there."

"For the most part, other than the guys out for the year, we have them all back. Rashard and Cato were full speed today, and Brandon has been going for the last week and a half. Joe Thuney is all good, Tocho is fine."

"[Rob Crisp] is still out."

"Nick O'Leary, he's a really good player. I recruited him out of high school, he's from Jacoby's high school. He's been a redzone target for sure this year and last week he became more of a third-down target. He's a dangerous receiver, and he's got a lot better as a blocker. I have a lot of respect for how he plays."

"[Jacoby] is competitive. He wants to get our defense ready... it's a huge advantage [having Brissett]. That's what I just talked to the scout team guys about. The better look we get from those guys the better we play."

"[Brissett] took a lot of reps with our offense last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday."

"Sometimes the scheme is so different the guys have to go where the cards tell them to go. Then there are times we play a similar defense or offense and we can just tell them this is exactly what we call it and they can run it faster."

"Some people think following a team like [Clemson] is good... but when you have a very similar scheme... I'd rather someone play Georgia Tech the week before us [laughing]."

"[Winston] is what everyone says he is. He's playing at a high level and he has a lot o confidence. He's a good quarterback and he has a lot of good players around him."

"Obviously depth and a lot of production. The number of games that [Cato-Bishop] has played, the savvy that he can bring from game experience that you can't really coach."

"There are times matchup-wise where you have to get nickels or dimes in the game."

"Clemson has big DBs too. I just think they... [Benjamin] is a really good receiver and he high-points the ball. Our guys have to do the same."

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