Locker Room Report: NC State

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- Several players met with the media following the loss to Florida State.

Dontae Johnson

"We were unable to stop them."

"That's a great team."

"They are athletes. They make plays. They make catches you are supposed to make, and they make tough catches."

"He's a great quarterback. He makes his reads and makes the proper throws."

"It's still a tough loss on our end."

Brandon Mitchell

"It felt pretty good to go back out there."

"I have to be better at taking care of the ball."

"I think after my first pass, when I threw the interception, a little of it was pressure, trying to make up for it, make plays."

"They are very fast. I underestimated their d-line a little bit, trying to get out of the pocket."

"They remind you of a LSU-type of defensive line."

"After spotting them three turnovers and giving them 21 points, it was hard for our defense."

"Our defense only gave up two touchdowns after the first quarter."

"We have to do better as an offense of controlling the ball."

"Shad played hard. He was one of those guys that kept being a leader."

Shadrach Thornton

"I just went out there and gave it my all. I felt like I should have made plays earlier on in the first half."

"I felt like the o-line put everything they had into it."

"We have great coaches. We just have to execute."

"We take it one play at a time, regardless of the score. We go out there and compete."

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