Doeren: "Really Disappointed in the Start"

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the loss to Florida State.

Dave Doeren

"Obviously really disappointed in the start of the game. We put our defense in the opposite position that we wanted to with the turnovers, and they did a good job of maximizing the opportunities with a short field."

"That was the opposite that we wanted to do. We felt that we could run the football, which we were able to do in the second half."

"They are a very good football team."

"Brandon's first game back didn't start the way we wanted to, pressed a little bit, tried to make too many plays, then settled down and started to play better later on."

"They could win the whole thing. They have the quarterback playing at a high level, the offensive line is protecting him."

"They have a lot of key ingredients... good things going right now for them."

"He's accurate and he has good players around him."

"I told our guys, that's what a championship team looks like."

"I challenged our guys to win the second half."

"It was obviously a much better performance after the first quarter."

"He's just been really steady for about four weeks. He's practicing hard... I knew this was going to be a big day for him."

"I haven't seen everybody yet, but they are the best we've played."

"They do a very nice job in coverage. I thought we could run the ball and we were able to do that, but there was really some yards that we left out there on the field."

"We wanted to make sure with his first game he didn't do too much in the run game."

"They have a very good secondary, one of the best secondaries I've seen."

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