PC: Burris, Creecy Talk UNC

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Juston Burris and Tony Creecy met with the media to discuss the game with North Carolina.

Juston Burris

"Gio is a great player. He's in the league now doing his thing, and he made a great play. We had some assignments that didn't go our way."

"It's definitely a big game... both parents going to State. It's definitely added pressure for me to come through for a lot of people."

"It's big for us."

"We can still beat Carolina, we can still beat Duke, ECU."

"It's a chance to build on next year and even get to a bowl game this year."

"Ebron is a great player. I think he had something like 150 yards against Miami in the first half."

"I know from being around him he's a big mouth guy. He talks a lot, but he's a good guy."

"We're not going to go on Twitter, we're not going to talk like he has."

"It's a whole new week to prepare, a new week to come out with a different mindset."

"If you look back at the last three quarters, we played pretty well. We settled down in the last three quarters and kind of showed what we can do."

"Just players in the past, watching them and seeing the things they've done."

"It puts pressure on us, but I know coach Huxtable is going to have a system in place for us to handle that."

"We're going to have a system set for where we can handle the different things they can do."

"Playing in Carter-Finley, I think that definitely gives us an edge with our fans."

Tony Creecy

"The receivers have to get back used to the way Brandon plays and Brandon throws the football."

"We run our offense through the communication of the quarterback."

"He's a real good tight end. We're not going to say anything in public. We're going to respond by our play on the field. He's a real good tight end."

"We definitely have to re-focus. An 8-4 season is definitely better than a bad record."

"We want to end up with an 8-4, 9-4 season."

"This game, I've learned more about this team than I have this whole year."

"It shows we fight through adversity."

"We're going to stick together and we're going to play hard."

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