Thornton Focused on UNC

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore tailback Shadrach Thornton talks with Pack Pride about this week's game.

Shadrach Thornton

Talk about the game coming up... what's the key for Saturday?
We have to practice hard. We have to win in practice. Point blank, period.

We have to go hard the time we're out here and give it our all. Monday is our academic day so the days that we do have to be here, we have to have passion and go hard throughout practice.

UNC's defense has had some holes this year. They are the worst-ranked defense in the ACC. How much do you see this as a potential breakout game for the offense?
Despite where they are in the country with their defense, they have been getting better as the season has progressed. They are playing a lot more physical and their front is never still... always moving.

Early on their defense was kind of skeptical, but I feel like they've made the changes needed to become a better defense. We're preparing for a good defense.

Is it more important for the running game to get going because of their improvements defending the pass?
Honestly, we're going to go out there and play football, man. We're going to go out there and do our stuff... do our offense.

Our offense is fast, our offense is a lot of shifts, a lot of motions, and we're going to execute it. That's going to open up everything.

Anything you've seen on film that you feel like you can exploit?
Just knowing the read keys, knowing as far as what they do when they blitz, what they do when they change the front, and knowing who the weak man is in their defense.

How much confidence did you add last week? You got going at the end of that game.
It was mainly about just going out there and doing our offense. We know we're a much better offense than what we displayed in the first half.

I think it's starting fast and starting early.

With the Ebron comments, is that a drive to push you even more, to get at them?
Who is Ebron?

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