Turner, Warren Talk Exhibition Win

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Ralston Turner and T.J. Warren met with the media following Wednesday's exhibition game.

Ralston Turner and T.J. Warren

Ralston Turner
"It felt pretty good. It's been 19 months since I played a game. I was just good to get back out there. I had some jitters, I was nervous, but when the game got started I was okay."

"It's not going to happen over night and we have a lot of new people. You're going to have some growing pains."

"The only thing I really learned tonight was just there can be some different combinations this year. I played some four, T.J. played some four. That's one thing I learned."

"Moving forward we need to get more rebounds."

"Desmond is real athletic, you guys probably know that. He can do a lot of things, he can dribble, he can shoot. The second half, I saw him go back to himself."

T.J. Warren
"It was a lot different when Jordan went down. It put a lot of pressure on our bigs to rebound."

"I see it all the time, Tyler's ability to pass."

"It doesn't mater to me. Whatever coach Gottfried wants me to play to help the team win."

"We'd love to have Jordan back."

"We have a brand new team and everybody is so anxious to get out there and play."

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