Doeren: "It's A Big Game"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren

"We'll find out Saturday. That's what we've been talking about. There's a lot to play for obviously when you still have a chance to be in a bowl game and you have a chance to play against some in-state opponents."

"Coming out of that loss we still have a lot to play for and that's kind of been the talk. Obviously the guys that are back and healthy need to make plays for us this week."

"There is always hope. Regardless. Even if we're out of postseason play we're working to get better as a program. I didn't come here just for 12 weeks and then just throw it away. It's a process. There is a lot of hope for what we're trying to do around here."

"Obviously a big return game, look at last year's game for them. Having an explosive returner matters. It mattered for us in one of our games last year. Field position in a game like this is a big deal."

"I just think that the chemistry that exists between him and the quarterback, you can see they've played together for a while. He makes plays. He's crisp in his routes."

"Bill Yoest was here on Tuesday, a former great. There are guys that come back and the guys that are playing obviously can't, but Torry was back again today, he's going to visit with the team a little bit before they go on campus for academics."

"It's a big game."

"In the second half it was pretty good and in the first half we didn't move them very much. I thought that would be something we could do, not because they aren't good up front, they are, but they play a lot of coverage where you can outnumber them at times in the box."

"Everybody has probably had the same gameplan going into their game, you can run the ball, but they get up on people so fast it probably takes you out of being able to do it to win. The second half was much better though."

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