Locker Room Report: NC State

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several players met with the media following the win over Morehouse.

Desmond Lee

"There is some stuff we can improve on, but I see it coming around."

"We get a lot out of it. It's better than playing against each other everyday."

"It's so we can get to our first option, second option, third option, fourth option."

Ralston Turner

"We all hang out off the court, and it shows on the court. People say how you are of the court translate onto the court."

"It's good to see them competing everyday against each other."

"It's just a matter of them figuring it out."

T.J. Warren

"Coach Gottfried stresses that we rebound better."

"He said to rebound with two hands, go up strong."

"I just want to start rebounding first and let the offense come."

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