Gottfried Talks Exhibition Win

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Morehouse.

Mark Gottfried

"I thought overall that playing two exhibition games helped our team, helped our young guys."

"I like our team defensively at times. We were quick, learning how to help each other, when to help each other."

"We have to learn how to communicate better but at times we did a pretty good job defensively."

"We got better as the game went on... that's going to be the question for our team. Can we rebound with a smaller lineup on the floor?"

"Now it's time to get ready to play real games."

"I think T.J. can score as well as anybody in the country. He finds ways to score where sometimes it's quiet."

"My challenge for him is to become a complete player, not just an offensive scorer but also a good defender."

"We can be tough to guard on offense because a traditional forward has to guard [Warren]."

"We can pressure the ball better, we have to find ways to help in the post better."

"There are going to be some challenges for us but at the same time it's a good lineup for us."

"I think Cat, he's going to get better and better by the game. You're going to watch him keep improving, he's getting more confident."

"I've said it before, I'd hate for that guy to have to guard me. If I had the ball I'd never bounce it if he was playing defense on me."

"He's getting more comfortable and he's going to continue to improve."

"I think Desmond is another guy that can really attack the basket and get to the rim."

"Hopefully offensively we can gain some of that back with two quick fullcourt players."

"They have to learn, there is so much to learn."

"It's one thing to practice, it's another thing to come out and play."

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