PC: Norman, Smith Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Rashard Smith and Art Norman met with the media to discuss the game with Duke.

Art Norman

"Coach has done a really great job. We know we're a good team. We don't have Mike Glennon here or Russell or Nate Irving, but we're still a good team."

"We can't have 38 missed assignments or missed alignments. We have to play almost perfect to come out with the win."

"I think it was 38 in the Carolina game."

"From what I've seen on Duke, it's less shifting, but I haven't watched a whole lot of film on Duke. I'm excited to play them."

"I'm not going to lie, I was kind of shocked. I didn't see that coming. Nobody really expected that to happen and for it to be that big."

Rashard Smith

"It's very exciting, just to come back another week and play football again."

"We can put last week behind us and play another rivalry game."

"It really doesn't matter, we can play with both guys."

"That's part of football, you always have adversity in life."

"We have four games left. We can still turn it around and have a good season."

"It's frustrating because there's plays out there, we leave so many on the field that we should make."

"We're leaving a lot of points and touchdowns on the field."

"We're competing. We're just not making enough plays to win."

"Shad grows everyday. He's always in the stadium watching film."

"I'm really confident. I always have confidence in my team and confidence in my coaching staff."

"Winning football games is all about execution."

"It's really odd. We haven't played them since 2009... being a rival school, it's different. We always play Chapel Hill and never see Duke."

"It's all about who wants the bragging rights in the state, in the triangle area."

"Everytime the coach calls my number I'm going out there to help my team."

"Duke's a very good football team. They are 6-2 and they've clinched back-to-back bowl bids. They are riding high right now."

"We should have won the game. If we would have won the game that would have never happened."

"I wouldn't say it's okay, but if we would have won the game we would have never seen it."

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