Doeren: "We Have A Great Test"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Duke.

Dave Doeren

"I felt like it was a great football game. There were some plays we needed to make to win. It really comes down to every game there's one, two, or three plays you want to have back."

"Five times we got into the redzone and scored one touchdown. You do the math."

"Those redzone opportunities were killers."

"We felt like we ran the ball really effectively. Some of our offensive linemen played their best games. Alex Barr, we felt like he made a lot of strides."

"Defensively, there were four jump balls, really three jump balls and a trick play... all those plays were plays that could have changed the game."

"I think it was a very physical game. I don't think I've been in a game where we knocked out two quarterbacks and both came back in to play. That says a lot about what it means to both schools."

"We need to make more plays and we have four more games to do that."

"They play hard. They remind me a lot of Northwestern when I was in the Big Ten."

"Crowder is a tremendous player, one of the best punt returners I've seen in a long time."

"They have a lot of QB run game with both of them in there. They are scoring a lot of points."

"We have a great test. Defensively, No. 84 is very active, long player, strong... good defensive end."

"They have three linebackers in the top four in the ACC in tackles, which is pretty crazy considering they've only played eight games."

"Kelby Brown is a throwback, I like watching him."

"It's going to be a great game."

"You can't turn the football over when there is nothing there. Coming out of the Florida State game he did a bunch of that, we were hoping the decision making would be better."

"We'll go to practice with both of those guys getting reps. We'll see how Brandon responds. I know Pete wants to play."

"Brandon rushed for 100 yards and was dragging people down the field with him... we have to make sure we're giving him plays where he's not put in a position to hurt our football team."

"There may be a place for both going forward."

"He's getting better. He runs through contact and makes the first guy miss. He still has to work on protection."

"Personally I really enjoy these games and I know the players do too."

"The good thing is when you watch Duke there is a lot of carry-over schematically from Carolina's offense to Duke's offense."

"We've thrown four touchdowns. I think a lot of it goes to your quarterback play. This is the first time for a lot of people, especially with the quarterbacks we've had around here."

"A lot of it is just execution."

"We watched a ton of redzone plays with our guys this week."

"We finish every practice in the redzone everyday. We go down there and run our top plays every single play in practice."

"Some of us is getting old as you get into game nine."

"I came here to build this place into the best program that I can. My goal is to be an ACC champion and compete for championships."

"I did come in here knowing that I'm going to get it done. As a fanbase they need to stand behind that."

"This system scores a lot of points under Matt Canada."

"When the ball is thrown and hits somebody in the face, they have to catch it."

"This is one of the things I loved about NC State when I took the job. This is a loyal, passionate fanbase."

"I know there are going to be people that say things. I told our players, don't read your message boards or Facebook."

"The people on the outside don't know everything that's going on inside, they just want results."

"I would tell you to keep buying tickets and keep coming to games."

"I get to recruit this recruiting class that's coming in here. There were over 250 recruits here this weekend... I know what's going on here."

"I think that rule is a really bad rule. Like I said after the game, I really don't get it. Particularly when they are wrong and they leave the flag on the ground."

"If it was a clear-cut killshot and a guy had intent, throw him out. If you're not sure, throw the penalty and on Sunday the commissioner can sit down and watch it."

"I think it's hard on the refs. I don't know how they can be right in a game that's played that fast with emotion."

"As a person, I've been around him a little bit and I think he's a first-class individual, the way he treats people."

"There is no easy way to handle that. I think they all are disappointed. We haven't made enough plays to win the close games we were in."

"It's about continuing to work with our guys on making the open layup."

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