Ramsey Loves Atmosphere at NC State

Ft. Lauderdale (Dillard) defensive end Randy Ramsey talks about his weekend visit to NC State.

Watching highlights of Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Dillard defensive end Randy Ramsey, you wouldn't know this is his first year playing defensive end. At 6-3, 200 pounds he's become one of South Florida's most productive defenders off the edge and NC State, in particular, has taken notice. The Pack has offered and Ramsey had a chance to make an official visit to Raleigh this past weekend. While the game didn't going State's way, Ramsey was impressed with the game day atmosphere.

"The fans were crazy," said Ramsey. "The coaches are cool and they were just telling me they need some guys that want to come into the program and work hard and go as hard as they can in practice. They want players that are committed to the football team and are committed to the school.

The coaches and the players are probably what stuck out to me on the visit. Jacoby Brissett was my host on the visit. They weren't really trying to get me to commit they just said for me to take my time with recruiting."

Ramsey has been listed on one recruiting site or another at virtually every position on defense. He could play defensive end, linebacker or safety but for now, the Wolfpack is simply saying athlete.

"I don't know where I'm going to be playing in college and that's the crazy thing about it. That's what the coaches (at State) were saying that they could stick me anywhere. This is my first year playing defensive end and I like it. I've been very productive there. I've got 19 sacks so far this year."

There was some thought prior to his visit to State that Ramsey could possibly pull the trigger on a commitment to the Wolfpack. That didn't happen this weekend but State is still a serious option with an SEC program in the mix as well.

"I want to visit a few schools but I'm not sure exactly which ones. I know I might go visit Kentucky. There's about an 80% chance I'll go visit Kentucky. Right now, State and Kentucky are the main two schools I'm looking at. I hope to make a decision in December or January."

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