Pack Pride Q&A: Quinton Schooley

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride talks with sophomore center Quinton Schooley about this week's game against Duke.

Pack Pride talks with sophomore center Quinton Schooley about this week's game against Duke.


Talk about some of the strides the offensive line has made up front.
As an offensive line, we've just been working harder in practice. Everyone's been buying into the system, working hard in practice, and it'll show up in game day. We've just got to keep getting better. We need the run game. If it keeps building, the pass game will eventually catch up.

How much does it help to have a consistent line up on the offensive line?
It helps a lot. You need everyone up front to be on the same page. And the more you rep that together, the more builds you get. The offensive line is like a family, and when we're all together and we're all on the same page, we all get in a flow and then the whole offense will get a flow.

What are you seeing from Duke on film?
All on their defense, they're really technically sound and they all play hard. They're not the most talented team, but they're 6-2 because they play hard and they do the right things. They're well coached, and this game is at their place.

Do you feel like this game could be a break out game for the offense or is that something you feel like every game?
I mean, I kinda feel like that every week. You've got to have that attitude every week that you're going to go up there and dominate everyone up front and just get rushing yards.

Do you feel like it's easier to operate as an offensive line with having a solid go-to guy like Shadrach, or any time there is a solid role player there consistently every week?
I mean, obviously we like Shad running the ball because he runs hard. But still, we just try to block everything the same. Then the backs can make reads off us and can get production.

What's the No. 1 thing you guys need to do this week to win the game?
We've got to run the ball. We're aiming for 300 yards in rushing - we've got to get it. If we do that, the passing game will open up and we'll dominate. If we get rushing yards and dominate up front, the game will be ours.

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