PC: Green, Thuney Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- D.J. Green and Joe Thuney met with the media to discuss the game with Boston College.

Joe Thuney

"That's something we need to improve on in the next few games."

"The biggest thing right now is to just focus on our team and not listen to the noise outside."

"We have three games left. We're playing for our seniors."

"To win these next three games would be great."

"I think a lot of guys are focused internally, trying to win these next three games."

"We love it. He runs hard every play, no matter what. "

D.J. Green

"They are going to run the ball right at you. It's our job to be physical with them."

"It hurt after the game because we do put in a lot of hard work, time, and effort. We're just not getting the results that we want. We're going to keep working hard."

"We're going to keep giving it our best all week."

"Jacoby is the scout team quarterback for the defense. He treats every practice like a game situation."

"He's going to keep producing... he had a great week of practice and it relayed over to the game. You practice how you play."

"He runs the ball pretty tough. Our mindset is we're tough guys also. We just want to be back physical with them."

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