THURSDAY: Dave Doeren Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren

Talk about how punter Wil Baumann has been doing.
We challenged Wil last week because of how good their returner was. We really made a focus on hang time and the direction of where our coverage would be. He answered the call. He had one shank that hurt our field position, but other than that he punted terrific in the game.

He has the ability without a doubt to be a top-notch punter. Now it's all about putting together consistent performances week-in and week-out like he did last week.

Can you talk about what Asa Watson has given you?
Tremendous leadership, and he's our spiritual leader as well. He leads our Bible Study with Al Byrd, our FCA chaplan. He just has a voice of reason... mature beyond his years. I have a lot of respect for the way he handles himself.

Is he the type of guy that's willing to help David Grinnage as he matures?
Absolutely. He's willing to help anybody.

Last week Carlos Gray, who is probably as different a guy as Asa off-the-field, had a shooting in his family, and Asa was the first player to go over and hug him, console him, and tell him he's going to pray for him.

I just think he's an A+ human being. Anybody on the team that needs help, that's what he's going to do for him.

Did you say on the teleconference that Carlos Gray's brother was in stable condition?
He's in intensive care. I know that he had internal bleeding, and I think it's been stopped. Last I talked to Carlos he was sleeping a lot and fighting. It was a pretty severe injury.

Can you compare their defense to anyone in particular?
It's hard to say. They do a lot. They are a high-pressure defense, you look at some of the things we've seen throughout the year they do a lot of it.

They have really tall, strong defensive ends, and No. 24, their senior linebacker, is active. He's a great pass rusher. They use him as a blitzer and a third-down rush guy.

They are just where they are supposed to be. Even when they are taking chances their secondary understands the leverage of their coverages.

Statitistically they don't impress you, but they do with how hard they play. They play extremely hard on defense.

How effective has Rashard been when he does get punt return chances?
Sometimes it's hard back there because you don't get a chance, and he's made the most of his opportunities.

It's been a spark for us. Our guys on punt return are excited because they know he's behind them.

What does it say about Alex Amidon that he has been that productive given the lack of other weapons in their passing game?
I'll say this, when you can run the football you usually have single-coverage outside. They are probably recruiting to have several options outside.

That's how we were at Wisconsin. We could run and nobody could play double-team coverage or over-under coverage... you had to always play one-on-one with our guys. It makes not even a great player look great because he's always in one-on-one... it's almost like cover zero out there.

He's done a tremendous job of taking opportunities, he runs good routes, he plays hard, and the quarterback looks for him on third down. He's the focal point of their third-down offense.

Do you anticipate the crowd being similar to Wake Forest?
With them playing for a bowl game on Senior Day I expect them to have some pretty good juice, but it's my first game there. I really don't know what to compare it to.

I've talked to several people who have been there before, and I know they'll have good energy with their families there watching them.

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