Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the loss to Boston College.

Dave Doeren

"He's a great back."

"I thought we did a nice job in the second half until the end. He's a great player. Part of it is how good he is and part of it is we didn't tackle."

"We were able to get some balls out and tackle him at times, but he was the difference in the game, there is no doubt."

"You'd like to get a three-and-out or takeaway."

"Until they bust one, that's what they do... we missed a tackled on the line of scrimmage."

"They started selling out to some of our screen game and we was able to get behind them."

"We left one on the field right before the half. They had a blitz coming that we didn't pick up and we had a guy open."

"He sprained his ankle in the game and we didn't know about it until Monday afternoon. We thought he'd lose the swelling and be able to go but it didn't."

"That's the challenge."

"I know it means a lot to our senior class... we have to try and finish with two wins at home."

"Playing at home and playing an in-state team matters."

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