Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the Pack's win over Campbell on Saturday night.

Mark Gottfried

"It was an unusual game to play - they do a good job with their backdoor cuts and how they play offensively."

"I thought our young guys adjusted pretty well and learned how to handle it."

"I like that fact that we stepped up in the last eight or 10 minutes. Disappointed that we go 2-for-12 from the foul line - don't know that I've ever had a team do that."

"When you play four guards it helps when your fifth guy on the floor can have a presence inside - Beejay blocked some shots, I thought Lennard did a great job."

"Lennard made some nice plays tonight."

"Beejay came in there and had a presence - blocked some shots and really did some good things."

"Beejay is going to be really good - the question is how quickly can he get himself to where he can really play effectively for longer than two or three minutes."

"We have a young group of guys, every night is going to be a mystery. Especially when you are going to play against different styles every night."

"We get a 15 point win going 2-for-12 on the foul line. And three or four of those were the front end of a one-and-one - we left 10 points at the foul."

"I told Kyle every night is going to be different. Tonight Lennard really played good, Beejay went in there and played well. I chose to stay with those two guys but that could absolutely change the next game."

"We used our zone defense and that protected [our players in foul trouble] somewhat. We learned to play with our zone defense without fouling."

"We still have to work on being really efficient down the stretch – the right shots by the right guys."

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