Holt: "It's Humbling"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State legendary wide receiver Torry Holt discusses his induction into NC State's Hall of Fame.

"This is a tremendous accomplishment."

"I kind of look at it as another team win. All week I've been giving a lot of credit to my teammates, to my coaches, to NC State for giving me an opportunity to play collegiate ball."

"It's humbling, and I'm excited to be inducted into the NC State Hall of Fame."

"Not only am I going in for myself and my family, but for my friends and my hometown of Gibsonville."

"A lot of people to thank for this tremendous honor."

"Exceptional class. Quite few of them were before my time so I went back to read up on them, check their bios... outstanding collegiate careers, pro careers. I'm honored to be going in with such a tremendous class... I'm excited."

"It is because I know the fans are frustrated. As a former player and now an alum I'm frustrated too, but an event like tonight puts things aside for a minute to celebrate those that have done a lot for the university."

"We'll enjoy tonight and hopefully our team will come out tomorrow and play well and play hard and give us something else to be excited about."

"The one that we won here in Carter-Finley my senior year stands out the most. The five touchdowns at Florida State the year before was pretty incredible, but the win my senior year... it was a team win. Our defense played well, they made plays. Offensively we made plays, scored touchdowns."

"What is most memorable is people were leaving their homes to come to the stadium to be a part of the celebration. I thought that was really cool."

"That five-touchdown outing... for our entire team and myself, it just gave us confidence."

"Super Bowl is up there, this is right up there. The win we had against Florida State in 98 is up there, my kids being born is up there. I rank it in my top five of some of my top accomplishments, no question about it."

"That was my goal, to come here, play ball, play at a high level, and do all I could to help the university and help my team win."

"Thanks to Dr. Yow for getting this movement going for our university."

"Getting the call and saying you're going to be inducted into the second class, it's humbling, it really is."

"I'm here now. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it."

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