Burleson: "This Is Icing On The Cake"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State legendary center Tommy Burleson discusses his induction into NC State's Hall of Fame.

"Being in the second class is quite an honor. I try to be as humble as I can about it. To be with coach Sloan is an outstanding honor."

"To be recognized by your university, you can't thank them enough."

"I was on campus in 1963... I was actually at the first game at Carter-Finley against Wake Forest."

"I had a wonderful love for NC State. Just to be able to come here and put my dream together... it was a great honor."

"We need to support Gottfried and Doeren and all the coaches as much as we can. We want to be competitive... I like what I see right now. I really think Deb is doing a great job. She's running it like a business and has accountability for everybody."

"As they become juniors and seniors we'll start to see an upturn."

"Coach Sloan was a really good coach for me. He was really tense."

"Fundamentally he taught well and also he was great at stressing conditioning."

"In my life, it's God, family, and career... basketball was down here."

"As for basketball, it was a great vehicle to get me out of Avery County... to come get a college education and play for a high-level school."

"This is icing on the cake, to be honored by your university like this... we want the legacy of NC State to carry on."

"I was on campus... at that time I was 13, I was 6-8, and I was in the 8th grade."

"The relationship grew from there and what I saw from coach Sloan I was always very impressed."

"David and I are very close. We knew each other in high school and we did make a pact to go to school together. Carolina was really hot and heavy after us, but David didn't like that four-corners offense. David averaged 24, 29, and 35... you can't average those numbers in a four-corners offense."

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