Doeren: "Stick With Us"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the loss to North Carolina.

Dave Doeren

"First of all, I would like to thank our fans for coming the way they did this morning. It's been a tough year for them and I just want them to stick with us. The guys are going to keep fighting and we're going to have a heck of an offseason and a great recruiting class, and build this program into something they are proud of."

"It's Senior Day coming up next week. We have some tremendous seniors who deserve the same thing they were given today, seeing all the red, the Wolfpack signs, everything pulling in on the buses and the walk of the champions. We appreciate it."

"Obviously, we played to the end and I am very proud of our guys for that. We didn't make enough plays defensively or offensively in the first half and when we came alive in the fourth quarter, unfortunately it was a little too late."

"There were some good things. Brandon (Mitchell) threw for over 300 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions which was a good thing for him."

"From a personal standpoint, I thought their quarterback, (Shane) Carden, played extremely well. He took what we gave him underneath in the first half and reacted to some new coverage schemes that we had given him. In the second half, we played a lot tighter coverage and they made some tremendous catches because of where the ball was thrown. There were three or four one-handed catches they had made on us. That's a credit to him."

"It is disappointing to lose a game at home to an in-state rival. The thing I told the guys in the locker room that the way they finished the game is something I am proud of but I want to go out this season with a win with our seniors. They've done everything we've asked them to do. And now we need to come together for the next seven days and move forward."

"We are very strong team from a chemistry-standpoint. We've spent a ton of time talking about the values of our program. I think every player and coach, to a man, has grown a lot this year. Our chemistry is good. Our guys love each other. We care a lot about our players; we push them hard and they practice hard. That's not going to stop. I think everybody knows, in our locker room and in our building and in our administration where our program is headed. They are going to keep playing and keep fighting."

"I know they (players) are disappointed about the end result—so are we as coaches. We want to taste that victory. We want to savor the work. We're not getting there but we're sure not giving in either."

"In the first half, they (East Carolina) were nickel-and-diming us. They hit us on a lot of underneath throws. In second half, we got them into some third down situations and they did a nice job of checking to into some runs on third-and-medium when we were in blitzes and then we got them into some other looks and they just back-shoulder caught a couple of balls where—from a coverage standpoint—we have to find a way to rip it out but you can't be in better position than our DBs were on some of those second-half throws."

"At some point, when you have great coverage, you are not allowed to really touch receivers anymore; you got to be able to punch it out. That was really it. The second half, obviously, was better than the first for us as a team."

"Carden was very accurate, which he had been. I think he was 80% his last four games coming in from a completion standpoint. He was about that (accurate) today. The offensive line protects him. He gets the ball out quick."

"(East Carolina running back Vintavious Cooper) did a nice job. We were trying to get help underneath on their receiving corps. When we were in some looks, they were able the running back going on a couple plays."

"They're (ECU) a team that executes their offense like they've been running it for four or five years. They've got guys who have been in it for four and a half years, or three years, and that's what they look like now. That's where we are going to be eventually. There were times where we in position to make plays, but they made more than we did."

"We are going to be scarred and we going to have a very challenging offseason. Everything we've been through this year will make us stronger next year. The last three years as a coach, I have been through a lot of wins and some good bowl games and all that, but the stuff I've been through this year—it has been tough. I have grown a lot. I know I am a better coach for it. Our players will be tougher—mentally tougher--humbled for the experience. It is going to be a very good offseason to grow as a football team and we will."

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