Mitchell: "We've Grown A Lot"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State quarterback Brandon Mitchell met with the media to discuss the game with Maryland.

Brandon Mitchell

"It does. Obviously the goal this week is trying to send all the seniors out the right way and also help the program for building into the spring sand recruiting."

"As seniors, we got together because we know we need this win for them so they can go out and recruit with a positive note."

"The Thanksgiving game was always the LSU game and the last three or four years we played them it was always about who was going to go to the Sugar Bowl or Cotton Bowl."

"I think it does a lot. It was one of the firs times I was close to 100% as I've been all year."

"It's going to be fun out there. I think it's a 100% chance of rain the next two days so that will be fun... to go out the last week as a senior and be able to have a mudbath with the guys, throw it around, pitch and catch."

"I think that was really big. You never want to end your senior season going out on a bad note."

"I think the biggest thing is disappointing. Obviously we wanted to compete on our side of the division, go out and win.... we didn't get any of our goals done."

"Keep working on finishing... it's going to be something that you learn from and we've grown a lot as a team."

"For me, I've really enjoyed it. I've never had a coach as player-driven [as coach Doeren] besides playing basketball at Arkansas under coach Mike Anderson. That was as close as I'd ever got to being around a family atmosphere... I've really enjoyed it."

"It just shows the humanity he has. Although he's still the man in charge it shows he's still on our level as a coach and he wants us to be around he and his family."

"We always want to play for that guy next to us. If you don't love the guy next to you... it's hard playing every snap like it's your last."

"That's by far the biggest thing I've learned from him... how to work hard and how to work together to try and achieve a common goal."

"Jacoby is going to be a great player."

"Jacoby Brissett] has been really positive. I think the future is really bright for him and for here."

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