Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Florida Gulf Coast.

Mark Gottfried

"I thought that was a very good team win. A lot of guys contributed in a lot of different ways, both offensively and defensively."

"I was proud of our group to bounce back against a good solid group of players from Florida Gulf Coast who had a ton of success last year."

"It was a good team win for our group."

"He's 40 pounds lighter than he was a year ago, he's more agile. He can bother shots, he can get some rebounds, and I thought there were a few times they threw the ball inside and just threw it back out. He bothered them with his link."

"The alley-oop dunk where he caught it and he reversed it, that was a big-time play for a 7-foot-1 guy on the run to catch it, spin in the air, and dunk the basketball."

"He gives our team some age, which we need in there... an older player."

"It just changes things for us a little bit around the rim."

"We'll see as we move forward, but I was really proud of him this summer."

"Last year he got kind of big and heavy... he did a great job of getting his body in the best place it could be for him."

"He can move, it helps him a lot, so hopefully we can get some more games like we played tonight because tonight I thought he was the difference in the game early on."

"We've spent a lot of times these last four games with four guards in the game, which we can use at times... but it allows T.J. to move back to his natural position and play the small forward position, which he really is."

"We've had four games where we've been out of sync."

"We don't have two freshmen post players in there together all the time. Jordan gives us a different look in there as far as a player with some age."

"There is a fine line there. What you don't want is your team to become passive... we still have to learn how to defend without putting our hands on people, and moving our feet."

"I know the officials think they are comfortable... I still think it's an adjustment for everybody, including them."

"We just have to keep working at it as a group. You have to keep learning, how is the game going to be called. We'll see how that works out."

"I felt like it was time for Cat. I think he's caught up in the time that he's missed and defensively he changes things for us at the point of our defense."

"Jordan had earned the starting position prior to getting hurt, and Ralston had been in foul trouble every single game and I wanted to take the pressure off him."

"We need all those guys to be effective."

"I just think the flow of the game. We wanted to get the ball around the rim... we wanted to go inside as much as we can."

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