Doeren: "It Starts With Me"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the loss to Maryland.

Dave Doeren

"I am disappointed we were unable to send our senior class out with a win. It has been a tough, long season. As the head coach here, obviously it is my job to get this football team here to play better than they did. That is something I am going to spend every day in the offseason trying to make right. It starts with me and my staff—the development of the team. I look forward to that process."

"I look forward to going out and recruiting, which starts on Sunday. I will meet with our seniors tomorrow and talk, then hit the road for two weeks until the dead period."

"I knew when I got here there were going to be challenges, we've faced many of them throughout the season. Today, we did not do what we needed to do early in the game defensively and it hurt."

"We let their quarterback run the football way too effectively. We got behind and then special teams hurt us, field position-wise. We really put our defense in some bad positions from a field position-standpoint early in the game."

"We were not able to take advantage of some of our opportunities. It has kind of been that season."

"As a coach when you go through a year like that, there are things you need to assess and it starts inside. I will look at everything... every game, every play of every game, every player that played in every game that is returning and continue to work the recruiting trail."

"The development of the football team here will be critical, which will start immediately. We have two weeks here with our guys before finals, Christmas break and those kinds of things, and then we are back up in January."

"Every week we went to the field, I felt like we had a good game plan. I know we put everything into it, from a staff-standpoint. I know that we worked the way we needed to work to prepare our guys."

"Can you do better? Obviously, when we look at the result. But there are a lot of things that are there, on film, that are being called, a missed tackle, a guy open that we don't connect with, a drop or a protection issue. When you call good plays against good defenses, they are still good plays. You just have to execute. There are a lot of things that go into that. That is the beauty of football-there is 11 guys that have to do it right on every play. We're just not where we need to be."

"Every week I came to work, I expected to win. Our team did too. The effect of losing over time can hurt your confidence. Having a good start in a football game is a help. We need to come up with a play or two early."

"We snap the ball over our punter's head and put our defense in that kind of position and then you flip it to when we do a good job and punt it down on the one (yard-line) and almost have back-to-back safeties.

"You can see swagger and enthusiasm. Everything changes with field position. We just didn't do a good job of that today. I have never walked through the door of this building without the attitude that we are going to win today."

"Obviously, when you win 12 games, there is a little bit less of an urgency to talk to players after the season. But when you are in a situation like I am, we don't have a long Christmas break at N.C. State, we pick it back up pretty quick at school. So we need to be really targeting on what our weaknesses are, what each player needs to do to—not only to be healthier, but bigger.

"The way we train needs to be targeted on what we need to do better. We are not going to get in there and just lift: we need to be specific towards the areas of improvement we are looking for. I look forward to those conversions and getting into the offseason and starting fresh."

"When you are in a funk like we are, I have gone back and looked at a million things. There are a lot of things that happened this year that did not go our way. As a team, you have to make those plays go your way more often and as a coaching staff it is your job to get them as many of those plays as you can."

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