Byrd Impressed With NC State

Iowa Western CC safety Jamie Byrd talks about his official visit to NC State.

There are just a few open spots remaining for NC State to fill in the class of 2014. Two of the most important for the Wolfpack are at offensive tackle and safety. State addressed those spots this weekend when they hosted Hyattsville (MD) Dematha OT Brock Ruble and Iowa Western (IA) safety Jamie Byrd on official visits.

Pack Pride caught up with Byrd Sunday evening and he indicated that he came away impressed with what the coaches are trying to build at NC State as well as what the Pack has to offer academically.

"I was impressed with the coaching staff and the attitude they're trying to bring to the program. Other than the game we had a chance to see the academics. They're strict about their academics. They do a lot of study hall. You can tell they really like to get their students graduated. It's a big campus. You'll be on campus and don't even know it but it was really nice. I was just checking everything out."

Most of the time, when a school recruits a junior college plays, it's because they need immediate help at a particular position. Is that the case between Byrd and NC State?

"That's exactly what they're telling me, that they have an opening for me to come in and fill and that's what I'm looking for in my resume of schools."

Originally from Dade City (FL), NC State would give Byrd an option that is somewhat closer to home. But will location really be a factor in his decision?

"Distance isn't a factor for me. I've been away from home for going on three years so it's really not a big deal to me."

Byrd was hosted by a fellow Floridian on his visit and that provided him with insight from a current player and what it's like to play at NC State.

"Jarvis Byrd hosted me on my visit. He was just telling me that he didn't regret anything and he just loved being there. He was just showing me the positive side of what's going on there. He was telling me the attitude the coaches are trying to bring in this year."

Byrd said he's still committed to Arizona but will know for sure where he'll spend the next two seasons after he finishes his official visit with the Wildcats later this month.

"I'm still committed to Arizona but they're my last visit and I'll be there on Dec 13. I haven't been to Arizona yet. I committed before the season. I'm open but I'll know what I want to do after I take that visit."

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