Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Northwestern.

Mark Gottfried

"I really liked our defense tonight. What stood out to me was I thought they (young players) did a pretty good job paying attention to detail through practice the last couple of days."

"I thought coming into the game, just watching film, Chris (Collins) does a great job of getting those guys three point shots. When you watch them and are preparing for them, they run some offense pretty well and they find guys. He does a nice job with that. So I thought our guys did a nice job of taking those away. There was some carry-over from practice to the game."

"I think he (Vandenberg) helps in a lot of ways, because he takes the pressure off those guys (State's other big men). First of all, he is going to guard the 5, the biggest player, like tonight, you have got a big, strong post player there for Northwestern. Jordan gets to guard that guy. He has protected the rim pretty well so far. He has altered shots and blocked a few. I think our guys are gaining confidence in him. I think we are a much different team when he plays well for us."

"I think what is beginning to happen now is we are developing chemistry and we are developing depth. We have got depth at the point guard position with Cat (Barber) and Tyler (Lewis). We have got depth at the wing positions with T.J. (Warren), Desmond (Lee) and Ralston (Turner). And now we are beginning to develop some depth inside."

"We found ways to get Jordan the ball around the rim—which is where he needs to be. We were able to penetrate the zone and set some high-ball screens. That really created some opportunities for Cat to penetrate and I thought he did a terrific job of finding T.J. a couple of times. It was nice to see Ralston gain some confidence offensively and get going. We need him to be a perimeter threat."

"I am excited for Lennard (Freeman). He is such a young guy that is kind of excited to play and he plays hard. He blocks a shot and he gets rebounds. He had a couple dunks and he plays with energy. He also can go out on the floor and guard that stretch-forward that you have to sometimes guard that can make a three. He can go out on the perimeter and move his feet and contain a guy."

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