Gottfried Enjoys Playing In Reynolds

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Mark Gottfried

You've talked about how sometimes scoring may not translate from junior college but it seems like Desmond Lee has been able to do so.
One thing with Desmond is he lets the game come to him. I think he could score more if we needed him to. He's a patient guy and not forcing the issue. What he's become for us is a tremendous defender on the perimeter.

He's coachable everyday and he wants to win. He's been a great addition for us.

Can you talk about the way Desmond and Cat are playing together right now?
They do have some good chemistry. I like the way those two guys have kind of blended together.

Both of them want to win. They compete hard and they compete in practice everyday... I think they complement each other.

Talk about this time period in terms of exams, being finished with exams, just playing basketball for a few weeks...
They go to class, they have tests, they have a lot of things weighing on them academically.

A lot can happen during this time period. We get some good practice time... I think all those things normally helps during the breaks.

Lennard and Jordan seem to be playing well together.
Lennard does a lot to help us. He rebounds well, defensively he's way ahead of his years, and then Jordan around the rim protects it pretty good.

Thoughts on BeeJay Anya:
I think [BeeJay] has had a pretty good week... we need him to be ready to step up and play. When we recruited BeeJay I had high expectations for him, but I think this week he's taken a couple of good steps in the right direction.

Your turnovers are down this year but you're still playing with pace. Why do you think that is?
We have guys that value the ball... our guys do a pretty good job of not trying to force plays that aren't there.

Lennard and Jordan both pass the ball really well, they both are comfortable with the ball in their hands.

A lot of teams have zoned us, maybe that's been some of the reason too.

What are your thoughts on playing in Reynolds?
I've asked Debbie a couple of times about the possibility of playing a conference game in Reynolds, there are some challenges for her obviously.

I like it. I think it's important for our program and our fans.

Thoughts on Detroit:
They went on the road and beat South Florida and they beat Rhode Island at home... they drive it well and are great foul shooters.

They attack the basket and now with the way the rules are and the touches, they have four or five guys shooting 80% [from the free throw line].

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