Linebacker or Safety for Wright?

Pack Pride catches up with NC State commitment Dexter Wright about his official visit and where he could potentially play for the Wolfpack.

Most incoming freshman recruits have a good idea of what position they will be playing in college football though there's always the possibility of a change.

In Dexter Wright's case that question is far from simple.

Even after speaking at length with NC State's defensive staff it's still up in the air as to whether he will be playing as a safety or a linebacker. The good news is Wright doesn't seem to mind.

"They said I would go ahead and play safety. I forget what the exact term was that they used. But I guess there's a little possibility that depending on how big I get when I get up there I might move down to outside linebacker."

Wright has spoken about that possibility in the past. He seems comfortable playing either position and he trusts the coaches to make the best decisions that will put him in a place to succeed.

"I talked to Coach McNutt and Coach White (on his official visit). Those guys are my position coaches of course so I talk to them every chance I get. I got to talk to Coach Huxtable a little bit too. They just kind of went over their schemes just a little bit but not too much. They told me where I'd be lined up and what kind of defense they run.

"They basically told me that Coach Hux likes to blitz a lot so in the secondary we would probably be in man coverage most of the time. They went over how I would have to play really good defense to make sure nobody gets behind me."

But the visit wasn't all about football. There was plenty of time spent with the other "Pack14" commits and that alone made the trip worthwhile.

He spent plenty of time with Coult Culler and Maurice Trowell. James Hunt actually played their last game against Southern Durham.

Wright's high school season coming to an end was the lone dark cloud hanging over the weekend.

"I had a really good time up there (at State) but I had just come from my football game and unfortunately we lost. But other than that the whole weekend was fun. I was a little sad but getting to hang out with future teammates and seeing what kind of guys they are was fun. I was really excited because I got along with everybody."

Wright finished his senior season with 1,445 yards on 203 carries and 21 touchdowns. He helped lead Hunt to a 11-4 record and the regional championship game.

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