Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Jordan Vandenberg and Kyle Washington met with the media following the loss to Missouri.

Kyle Washington

"They made a few big shots and we didn't get the rebounds. That is on the bigs and we've got to work on that. That is a good team but we had that. We have just got to keep working but we are right there."

"I played alright. I played pretty good. I have just got to keep doing that. If that is what it takes to give energy to my team and I am supposed to play like that every time, then that is the way I expect to play every time."

"I really wanted to win. This is college basketball. You have got to work all day, every day. I made a few good plays."

Jordan Vandenberg

"You cannot sleep on any team. Missouri is not a bad team. They are a top-25 team. They have proven they are resilient. We lost the game because they made shots and we didn't. We slowly watched it happen. It wasn't really a surprise."

"I just think there were times we could of made better plays than we did. Full props to Kyle. Kyle played wonderful."

"Some of us need to step our game up, especially me, I played terrible today. I am slightly embarrassed."

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