Locker Room Report: NC State

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Mark Gottfried, Cat Barber, and Desmond Lee met with the media after the win over UNC Greensboro.

Mark Gottfried and Cat Barber

Mark Gottfried
"It's a good win for us. I thought they definitely challenged us, there is no doubt about it."

"I thought we could have played better at times."

"I thought it helped us extend a lead, and I thought late in the game we had some pretty good shots, we couldn't make any of them."

"That's a tough team to play against. They obviously had a lot of confidence after beating Virginia Tech."

"I think the first 15 minutes of the game the blunt truth of the matter was their post players just kicked our butts... they did anything they wanted to do."

"We didn't do a very good job there."

"We came over here and played pretty good the last two years and had never been here before."

"We've got to do things better."

"You just have to make some shots and keep scoring. When you stop scoring the ball it puts a lot of pressure on your defense every single trip."

"We tried to go to T.J. a lot down the stretch."

"Those things probably hurt us. We have to get a lot better there."

"I thought our defensive pressure was better."

"We have very capable scorers on the floor. If he's double-teamed he's going to find the scorers and get it out of there."

Cat Barber
"We had some good looks at shots. We made some and missed some."

"We have to get better at the free throw line."

"I have to get better at the line."

"Once we get better it's going to open up the game for us."

"I know everybody expects us to make it."

"That's a big part... too many people don't like getting into zones, but I can get into zones."

"It was just some he-say... any team is going to talk back, but I don't think it was going to get out of hand."

Desmond Lee

"We had to adjust to the game."

"We should have had that win, but I feel like we battled through it and played well."

"We just wanted to get out and get some steals, get some run-outs."

"We just tried to get in transition."

"I don't call it pressing, I call it being aggressive. We need that from Cat because he's a scoring point guard."

"Sometimes we get a lead and get relaxed."

"We have to come to play every night."

"It's the start of a new season... we haven't done anything yet. We've just won 10 games."

"We let that game slip. With Pitt coming in we're looking to win that game."

"Every game is going to be tough. We have to execute more in the halfcourt."

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