AUDIO: Lee, Vandenberg Talk UVA

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Jordan Vandenberg and Desmond Lee met with the media to discuss Virginia.

Jordan Vandenberg

"Virginia is a very physical team. They like to set a lot of screens. They play hard and are well-coached."

"It will be an interesting game."

"I hope that's what happens tomorrow. I didn't know that statistic, but they are a good team and we're a good team."

"They play hard and they are a strong team. There are a couple of older guys who lead them in Akil Mitchell and Joe Harris."

"If you run your offense correctly you should have no problems scoring on them, but to execute without being flustered, to be pushed out of our offense... if that happens it could be a long day."

"We'll probably go through more film tomorrow. We talk more personnel than individual games."

"You have to go by their averages and what their tendencies are."

"We just played our offense. We don't care who scores, we were just trying to win."

"We went in there and did what we had to do."

"This team is very good at controlling the ball and not turning it over."

"He's definitely a strong player. I've watched him grow up the last couple of years. He's strong and does what he needs to do to help their offense."

"They don't like to switch much so we're hoping to exploit that by setting good screens."

Desmond Lee

"T.J. played well, but we just ran the offense better. We went through all our stuff."

"Some games we get into our offense and get out of it fast instead of going all the way through to the fifth option."

"It helped. Four people in double figures, that's what we try to do every night."

"We weren't really worried about T.J. [Warren]. We know he was going to get twenty."

"Like coach said, T.J. needs us and we need T.J. What we have to do is screen better for him and he has to screen better for us... it will free him up to do what he do."

"Not too much... they screen a lot, they move a lot. They are similar to Notre Dame, but they just screen more. They like to play in the 50s, we're going to try and get out and run and play our game, no matter what."

"I'm loving it right now. We're in a good situation at 11-4 and 1-1 in the conference, and we have a chance to redeem ourselves again. I'm loving it."

"I'm here and I'm playing. It's still exciting to me every time I come through the tunnel."

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