Gottfried: Pack's Big Men Need More Touches

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Duke.

Mark Gottfried

Gottfried on his post players:
Our bigs need to touch the ball more. Last night they collectively go 9-for -13 from the field and had 21 rebounds.

Our perimeter players are at the point where they need to trust them a little bit more. When it goes in they don't hae to shoot it everytime, but they need to be good passers, which they all are.

It's something we need to make a point of emphasis and in the first half we did a great job of that.

We need to keep helping those young guys develop. Outside of Jordan they are all freshmen. It's part of their development, but they need to have the ball to develop. We have to get it to them a little bit more.

How is Tyler Lewis doing?
He's a little better. He was pretty sick last night and so we had him out today and probably tomorrow too. I think he needs two more full days of rest and hopefully he can be where he can play on Saturday. He was a little better today.

At this point, not sure. I'm hopeful he's ready to play by Saturday. I thought he played really good in the first half and we really needed him in the second half. Hopefully he's ready to go on Saturday.

Duke's strength has not been their interior or size. I'd think that would give you an advantage on Saturday.
Our young guys, they are good. They need to have the ball in their hands some. I think it's a matter of us emphasizing to go in some. If our bigs can score a little more it opens up things on the perimeter more.

Whether it's Duke or whether it's Wake Forest... for our team to develop into the best we can become, our big guys have to develop and we need to get them the ball to help them along their way.

Thoughts on zone offense:
I watched the tape pretty closely, and I liked most of the shots we had against the zone. A couple were quick and we turned it over a couple of times, but Ralston had some good shots, Cat had a couple at the top of the key.

We had some good shots, we just did't make them. Those are shots, when you are playing against a zone defense, you have to take. You can't turn down great looks over and over again and be successful.

I thought we attacked their zone pretty well. When you make shots everything looks good. When you're not making shots you feel like you're not executing well. I thought we actually executed okay against them.

How important is having a short memory?
You have to remember it's a long grind in the league and there are no easy games... we have to bounce back again and have great spirit, make sure we're in a great frame of mind. If you don't you can find yourself in a hole pretty quick. We don't want to do that.

Thoughts on Warren carrying a load offensively:
What will help T.J. is if our other players can step up offensively and score more. To do that they need the ball more... as we were saying earlier, our inside guys, we need to go to them more.

They need to continue to develop and get better and better. As they develop more and become more of a real offensive threat, it will open things for T.J.

We have to develop those bigs. That's part of what will help T.J. become even better.

If Lewis can't go, how confident are you Barber can do as well as Lewis did at Duke last year?
I'm confident. If Tyler can't play we'll play Desmond some at the point and Cat will play a lot of minutes I'm sure.

Part of our game is guys being injured or sick but you have to overcome that, regardless.

I can only play five at one time. We're going to put five out there and they will play hard, no matter who we've got.

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