Gottfried: Warren Expected To Play

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the game against Georgia Tech.

Mark Gottfried

How is T.J. doing?
I think he's getting better. We anticipate him playing. Not exactly sure he's 100%, but he's certainly a lot better than he was the other night.

Is that an injury that can affect him mentally or linger?
I don't have a crystal ball, but I think that he's going to play himself through it. Sometimes there's not a lot you can do, but he's been getting a lot of treatment obviously.

Thoughts on Georgia Tech:
With Holsey and Miller inside you have two really capable scorers. I like their experience and age.

I think with Trae Golden coming in... it changed things for them. He's a terrific point guard. I think they do a lot of things well offensively.

Do they play a lot of zone?
They are more of a man-to-man team but he'll play some zone.

I think he has a lot of confidence in how they've defended people. Has T.J. practiced?
We had to take a couple of days off... but he had some practice time. Held him out of some of the live drills on Wednesday and Thursday.

It's actually been a good week, not being able to play... it's given us a few more days to get him healed.

Lennard is still not 100% but he's coming around a little bit. The fact that we didn't have a Wednesday game helped us.

Can you get the production from Ralston and T.J.?
Yeah, I think that Ralston, T.J., and Desmond, all three of those guys. Desmond has been able to generate points in different ways. Foul line, the way he attacks the basket has been terrific, but we need all three of those guys offensively to be really aggressive.

Will Desmond stay in the starting lineup?
We'll see. I'm not concerned with who starts. We need all three of those guys to be ready to play.

Thoughts on the freedom of movement/rule changes in college basketball.
I think it's settled down a little bit. I think it's game-to-game. I think each official calls it a little bit differently. You just have to be ready to adjust.

I'm interested in if the rule changes generated more field goals. If the scoring is up and it's because of foul shots than I'm not sure we accomplished much. Has it generated more field goals? That's the intent.

What is the ideal way to attack the zone?
Make some shots. You have to have an inside-out attack. You can't rely just on three-point shooting. You have to find a way to get inside the zone and penetrate the zone.

Ultimately you do have to make some. You have to make some to soften it up.

Thoughts on impact of Ralston's play against Maryland on his confidence:
That game gave Ralston great confidence. I think he knows we need his aggressive offensive play, the same with Desmond.

We're better if none of the three of them take a backseat to the other. All three need to be aggressive.

Road games coming up... how important is it to take care of business at home?
You're going into the game trying to win it. We've been able to win some on the road and hopefully we can keep that up, but we look at it one game at a time.

Right now we have Georgia Tech. Hopefully we play our best tomorrow afternoon.

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