AUDIO: Pack Players Talk FSU

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media in the Dail Center to discuss Florida State.

T.J. Warren

"We have to come out physical and strong with a lot of energy."

"We have to bring our energy with it being a late game."

"It was kind of sore, but it's coming back healthy again. That's a good thing."

"I watched [the Georgia Tech game-winner] a few times after that."

"It was my first [game-winner] at State. I had a lot of them in AAU. It was a good feeling, to be able to do it in this building."

"We're going to be competitive... I know him real well. We played together at Brewster."

"Everybody is contributing. Tyler had a great game. Ralston is making shots... it was good for our team to have an all-around win."

"It's a tight team. Everybody enjoys playing with each other. We just want to carry it on."

Tyler Lewis

"I wouldn't say I do any meditation. I just try to keep as much confidence as I can. I know what I can do. I try to go out there and do it on the court."

"I just have to stay ready and provide some energy and a spark when I come in there... provide for the team."

"It's never easy not playing, but it is what it is."

"My family gives me a lot of good advice."

"Everybody on the team helps me out when I'm struggling."

"I gained a lot of confidence, especially with my first two shots. It's always good to see the ball go in."

"They are a very good team. They are long and athletic. They are going to defend and knock down some jumpshots."

"We have to run our offense sharper because they deny the wings and get pressure on the ball."

"I feel like we'll probably play more zone in the future... we've been practicing it a lot more."

Ralston Turner

"I've seen some snow in Alabama... you don't see it a whole lot. It's not something that's normal."

"It was very important. We needed that game. We feel like we need them all... we just want to get on a streak right now and get to the point where we're playing good basketball."

"I just go out there and shot it. There's nothing to it. I practice it. The main thing for me is trusting my stroke.I don't think about it. It's something I feel like my team needs."

"A lot of picking each other up when we're down. Tyler, he did a good job as well. It wasn't like we were out of it, but we did a good job of picking each other up when we needed it."

"It was definitely an adjustment. It was something I never had experienced before. I had to learn how to be effective in a different way."

"I started to get comfortable with it."

"I also have the mindset of when I was coming off the bench... just play hard and try to help my team win."

"We have to find ways to get open. They are going to overplay you and be physical."

"It can, but it's necessary to win. At the same time, when we're on the defensive end we want to make them work too."

"We had confidence in ourselves coming into this year."

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