Doeren Excited About 2014 Class

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren discussed his 2014 recruiting class and also fielded a few questions from the media at his press conference. Here are some audio and quotes from the Q&A with Doeren.

Dave Doeren Q&A (Part I)

Dave Doeren Q&A (Part II)

"Our goal was to get as many North Carolina players as we could, and we've accomplished that. 18 of our class come from the state."

"The objective for the class, we had a lot of needs. When you build a program it starts with developing what you have."

"The next step is to recruit a player that can compete for his job. Either that player fights for it and keeps the job or that player comes in and takes it. I feel like we didn't have enough competition on our team."

"We had some major deficits at certain spots that we answered."

"We found somebody like Jacoby where if he can't play a game or series we won't have to change schematically. That was important."

"We wanted to add some receivers that we felt were advanced from a skillset standpoint."

"We tell the truth to these guys. We talk about us... we tell them what it's going to be like. It's not for everybody but it was for these guys."

"We never once changed the aggressiveness that we recruit with."

"Players make a difference. You can see it in the Super Bowl. Percy Harvin made a difference."

"We don't promise anything other than opportunity, but we tell them the truth."

"We're not going to discriminate because of what part of the state they are from or what kind of BBQ they serve."

"We really feel like the state of North Carolina has enough good players to win a national title with."

"The life that they can have... with Mario and Torry and those guys, how celebrated they are here."

"It's important that when they finish playing football they have a network they can reach back to."

"Staying home and playing for your university does more for you in life."

"We will leave the state to get players, we'll have to do that, but if we can get 50% or more of our numbers from the state that's what we're going to do."

"There will be multiple freshmen who have a chance to help us back there... we had three freshmen in the secondary help us last year."

"Being a head coach you always worry until you see the faxes come in. I know how it is. We're talking to guys committed to other schools."

"It was about creating an identity with this class that they can grab on to."

"With social media those guys can really get to know each other."

"We did a nice job of creating a brand and the kids just jumped on it and ran with it."

"At 260 pounds [Street is] really light on his feet and quick-twitch. He has great power in his core... he's a disruptive guy."

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