NC State head coach Dave Doeren shares his thoughts on the defensive signees in NC State's 2014 football recruiting class.

Walled Lakes (MI) Kicker Kyle Bambard
Kyle is a kicker who also punts but was an all-state quarterback as well. He's not just a specialist.

Kyle is a guy that was in our camp this summer, and he was tremendous from an accuracy standpoint. He's very cool-headed. He has kicked a lot, but the thing I liked is that he did a lot of other things as well on his football team. He's a leader.

I love quarterbacks, you know that the coach is trusting them and he's usually a guy that is clutch... has the ball in his hands. I'm excited about Kyle. (KYLE BAMBARD VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Palm Beach Gardens (FL) Dwyer Safety Shawn Boone

Shawn is a very physical player. Shawn's team was undefeated this year, won the Florida 7A State Championship. He's from the same high school as quarterback Jacoby Brissett. I've known Shawn for a long time... I was recruiting him for about 18 months.

I'm really excited that we got Shawn here. He's a very serious, very smart football player from a winning program, a state championship program. Shawn is a contact player that can cover.

He understands competition. They play against a lot of very good football teams there. (SHAWN BOONE VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Hillgrove (GA) Defensive End Bradley Chubb

Bradley's brother plays over at Wake Forest and his dad played at Georgia... really good bloodlines from a really good program.

The thing that I liked just watching Bradley is he does a lot of different things. He's good in the run game. Obviously, you're always looking for explosion that can change directions, and I thought he played really good with his hands. He gets off of blocks and the way you have to play defensive end... you've got to be a versatile athlete.

One of the things we liked about Bradley was the competition he was playing against. (BRADLEY CHUBB VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Wilmington (NC) Laney Linebacker Coult Culler

He's a 6-5, 230-pound middle linebacker. Another guy that has tremendous leadership ability. Getting around him, his father, his mother, his sister, and his whole family, they're just wonderful people. He'll be a great leader and a big-time community guy for us as well.

He's a very physical football player. I know a lot of coaches down in the Wilmington area are glad he's gone... when you talk to them, he's a tackling machine. He had multiple, multiple games where he had 20-plus tackles. I'm really excited about what he brings, not only as a player, but his attitude, his demeanor, the way he was raised, his toughness. He's going to do a lot of things for us here.

He's another guy that committed early to us. Coult's father played at Clemson and it was great getting to see how that family was going through the process. I'm really excited about what he brings. (COULT CULLER VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Quince Orchard (MD) Cornerback Elliott Davis

Elliott came to our camp as a receiver and partway through the camp we moved him to defensive back because he played both ways. He's a long, 6-1 corner, and he is also a state champion triple jumper who jumped 45 feet-6 inches last year, which is very explosive.

I really like that if you look at our corner class, you're going to see three guys that have tremendous ball skills. That was one thing that I was looking for. Not only guys that could cover and were aggressive, but guys that could play the ball. All of these guys, Elliott, Michael Stevens, and Troy Vincent Jr., you're going to see guys that attack the football with their hands, go up and get it at its highest point and make plays on the ball. I think that's something we needed to do better through development and now with recruiting and competition we'll be able to.

I'm excited about what he brings to the table and the quality of football that he played. (ELLIOTT DAVIS VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Oakboro (NC) West Stanly Defensive Tackle B.J. Hill

B.J. is going to play defensive tackle for us, but he was also a tailback, tight end, and defensive end in high school. He's a very versatile big man. He's 6-3 and 260, and we expect to put a little weight on B.J. as we go forward. He's already here as one of our early grads.

He does a lot of things on the football field. He came to camp, did a tremendous job, went to a couple of other camps and then jumped on board. He's been a great leader for us in this class and built some strong relationships with other classmates coming in. I'm excited to see him go through the winter program. (B.J. HILL VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

DeMatha Catholic (MD) Defensive End Deonte Holden

He's from DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Maryland. Deonte, his father is a coach at the school, "Big Juice." We call [Deonte], "Little Juice."

Deonte has great personality and is a really high-energy, quick-twitch, and long defensive end. If you look at our defensive line class, there are a lot of different type of bodies, and we're trying to get longer, whether it's with height or wingspan at those position groups.

I just really like the energy that this guy has. I think he can help us in a lot of different areas, but is a tremendous pass rusher. He just has a presence about him.

He's one of those guys that walks in and you just start smiling, he has really good energy to him. Being around his father and his mother on their visit weekend, you can see where he gets it. They're just really good people. (DEONTE HOLDEN VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Austell (GA) South Cobb Defensive Tackle Justin Jones

He's a versatile guy, can play defensive end or defensive tackle. He's a big guy that can run and is very strong. He's a hard-working guy.

He came through and visited a bunch of schools and he had a lot of different places he could go, but I know him and Coach Nielsen and Coach Jackson really built a great relationship. Justin knew some of these other guys from Georgia, and all of these guys got to know each other even better as it went along.

He's a kid that was probably 240-250 when we started recruiting him, and he's now up in the 270's and looks great. (JUSTIN JONES VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Charlotte (NC) Christian Linebacker Ty Linton

He's another player that is on campus... a unique story. He came out of high school four years ago or so, and he was originally going to be a two-sport guy. I was recruiting him at the time, at the University of Wisconsin, and we didn't have baseball there, but we had a great relationship. I think I was the first guy to offer him, then he ended up blowing up and had a ton of opportunities.

He stayed close, was drafted, and played professional baseball for a while.

He's a linebacker who is a pass rusher and a really good athlete. He's a very mature guy. It's great to have a freshman that's 23 years old and has been through a bunch of different things already. He's going to offer some unique experiences and life lessons to our team. (TY LINTON VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Durham (NC) Hillside Safety Kalen McCain

He's already on campus. He's from Hillside High School in Durham and was originally committed to another school. Once we were able to get around him and get to know him, and him get to know us, he wanted to stay closer to home. I'm really excited that he did.

He's just a great kid to be around. He has a great way about him. He's very competitive, he's not a big talker, he's a worker. He's versatile... a safety that has great coverage ability. Some safeties you watch, they're just big-hit guys, other guys are coverage. He does both.

He finished the year with a bunch of interceptions, he had nine and seven pass breakups. Again, he played for Coach King, a tremendous football coach at one of the probably most productive high schools in the country when you talk about putting out players year-in and year-out. We're excited to have a guy coming in here from there. (KALEN MCCAIN VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Winston-Salem (NC) Parkland Defensive Tackle Deshaywn Middleton

He's a defensive lineman who had a great junior year and was injured early on in his senior year. He only got to play 4.5 games, but he is healthy now and plays basketball. A big guy... 300-pound defensive tackle.

He's also an Eagle Scout and has tremendous character and leadership... a presence about him. He's another guy that lights up the room, and he built a tremendous relationship with Coach White and Coach Nielsen early in the process. It was really fun getting to know his mother through the process... his dad, just great people. (DESHAYWN MIDDLETON VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

High Point (NC) Central Safety Germaine Pratt

He's another early grad. He had a ton of tackles in his career... 328 tackles and 21 were for loss, 12 career interceptions. He was a guy that we had in camp, and he was a heavily-recruited guy.

The kid can really play the game, that's the thing. I don't know if there's any one thing when you talk about Germaine... he just makes plays. You'll see him as a receiver, you'll see him blocking and tackling.

He has the ability to play multiple positions. He's playing safety for us right now, and we'll see how he grows. He could end up being an outside linebacker at some point. He's willing to do either one. I know he just wants to help our team.

He's going to be a really good special teams player because of his aggressiveness and football aptitude. He has tremendous aptitude for the game. (GERMAINE PRATT VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Davidson Day (NC) Cornerback Mike Stevens

Mike, we had him in camp and liked him a lot. We didn't think we were going to take some corners. We thought we were going to be a little heavier at safety, but as the year went on, we felt we needed to get a few more coverage players.

Mike was a tremendous receiver. He finished with 2,698 all-purpose yards, 35 touchdowns, and also had 15 career interceptions. He was a very productive player at a state championship high school, coached by Chad Grier at Davidson Day in Charlotte. He knew some other commits, and you'll see him do a lot of different things on tape.

He comes from a great family. His father, Pastor Mike Stevens, is a big pastor down there in Charlotte, it's great to have them in the Wolfpack family with us. You'll see him make plays on special teams, offense and defense. (MIKE STEVENS VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Nashville (TN) Father Ryan Linebacker Max Stoffer

He had 351 tackles in his three varsity seasons. He caused five fumbles, was an all-state player at linebacker, is a very good student, and we're excited to get Max here... he'll be with us in the fall.

He's just a tough-nosed guy. I know he and Coach Hux really built a good relationship at our camp. He's a contact player and he plays square. He understands how to play linebacker. (MAX STOFFER VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Greenville (NC) Rose Defensive End Kentavius Street

Kentavius Street is from Greenville Rose High School. Des Kitchings, Ryan Nielsen, and all of us recruited this guy hard. Coach Wojtecki, his high school coach, and his staff, we built great relationships with them. Kentavius is a very athletic and powerful young man.

He's a great person. Getting to know his mother Carol, it's just a great family. Every time I go down there and see him, again it's another guy that brightens up the room.

He's a guy that had a lot of accolades in high school. He had 19.5 tackles for a loss as a junior and played on a great team this year, 12-3, a semifinalist team. He was a U.S. Army guy, as well, and I'm really excited to get the best defensive player in the state of North Carolina this year to come here.

Kentavius is just a guy that exemplifies the personality that we're looking for, he's a very positive young man.

"At 260 pounds [Street is] really light on his feet and quick-twitch. He has great power in his core... he's a disruptive guy." (KENTAVIUS STREET VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Baltimore (MD) Gilman Cornerback Troy Vincent Jr.

Troy Vincent Jr. was one of our last commits. I've known Troy since he was a little kid. When I was coaching at Wisconsin, his sister, Desserie, was a student at Wisconsin and worked in our recruiting office. He would come up for camps in the summer. His father played at Wisconsin and was a great player in the NFL. It's just a great family.

We recruited him, and he came down last summer a couple of different times. He made a decision to go to a school that had a coaching change, and it just happened that the relationships that were built from when he was young, to his family, to other people on our staff that knew his father, he wanted to speak to us. We were able to get in with Troy.

Troy is very technical. He's been backpedaling since he was three years old. He's very polished. He has a lot to learn, everybody does, but he's a very polished player. He's very business-like competitor.

He'll come in ready to play. Obviously, he has to earn a job like everybody, but I know that competitively and fundamentally, he will be a guy that's very serious early on.

I'm excited about the three corners we have in this class. (TROY VINCENT VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Wilson (NC) Hunt Safety Dexter Wright

Dexter is a big safety and running back for Hunt High School. He ran for 1,400 yards as a senior and 21 touchdowns. He also finished with 98 tackles and two picks.

He'll play safety for us at 6-3, 205. A tremendous family... very positive, very athletic, very long, and very rangy safety. He has ball skills and will be an excellent special teams player.

They lined him up in the deep middle a lot. He ran the alley and made a lot of tackles. (DEXTER WRIGHT VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

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