NC State head coach Dave Doeren shares his thoughts on the offensive signees in the 2014 class.

Charlotte (NC) Independence Center Tony Adams
Tony, he came in early and is already on campus. He's a unique guy... Tony is a center, but played tackle as a junior and center as a senior. He was one of the better tennis players in the state at 315 pounds, which is unique.

His mother is a great tennis player, and his father is the head wrestling coach at Boston University. Tony has great feet for a big man. He's an athletic guy that gets to the second level and finishes. He's a very serious kid that is from a great program.

Coach Eddie Faulkner was the lead recruiter on Tony. (TONY ADAMS VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Charlotte (NC) Christian Tight End Garrett Bradbury

He's a big tight end, physical... also an excellent baseball player.

He's a very good student, a very physical guy. We liked the versatility that he had because he can play on the line of scrimmage and set the edge, but he can also be a guy that can be split out or line up in the backfield as a fullback because of his blocking ability.

He's another guy that we really liked his demeanor... how physical, tough, what he stood for. He's a blue-collar guy that is going to help the edge of our line of scrimmage quite a bit. That was something, you'll see three tight ends in this class, and that was an area of emphasis for us. We got three good ones for sure.

For a big guy, he can do some things after the catch. (GARRETT BRADBURY VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Mocksville (NC) Davie County Long Snapper R.C. Brunstetter

He's a long snapper. He was an early grad that was also at our camp this summer.

We had a chance to work with him, and he was very accurate. I can remember when he was snapping his short snaps, there were some guys here that were helping out that were NFL-type kickers... one of them was holding and just talked about how the laces were in the same spot every time he caught the football.

He's a very serious kid, and we're excited that he's here. We're getting ourselves in position in a year to replace our punter, kicker and snapper, so it was important that we were able to get him in this class. (R.C. BRUNSTETTER VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Woodward Academy (GA) Punter A.J. Cole

He's a long, 6-foot-5 punter from Woodward Academy. He kicked the highest ball I've seen in person in our camp. The guy consecutively had 5-to-6 second hangs in our camp. He was very impressive.

We went down there to visit him over the break, and he just came out of a basketball game where he had something like 18 rebounds in the game. Another guy that's a specialist that's also an athlete. I like that, that he's competing in other sports. He's also a kickoff and field goal guy, he's not just a punter, so he gives us some competition for that spot. (A.J. COLE VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Carrollton (GA) Tight End Cole Cook

Cole is a guy that committed to us early in the summer. His mother played basketball at Tennessee and was also a head women's basketball coach at one time. It's a great family. He's very serious, very spiritual. He has tremendous leadership ability.

Again, another tight end that can catch, but is a very physical blocker. He's a kid that already can power cleansover 350 pounds, and for a guy that's 6'5, that's really impressive in high school... just from an explosion standpoint. (COLE COOK VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Charlotte (NC) Christian Wide Receiver Bo Hines

He was the first to commit in this class, another Charlotte Christian player and another state champion. He played wide receiver, then they had an injury at quarterback and they put him at quarterback. He's also a return man, and Bo is already on campus.

He came up last summer with his father, Todd, and we sat down and talked about our vision for this program. You could just see it was what he wanted. Not only did he jump on board with us, but he was one of the guys that came to as many games as he could, talked and sold the program with us while he was here.

He's just a tremendous representative of this recruiting class and what we want, from a personality, leadership, toughness, and accountability. He makes a lot of plays. (BO HINES VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Stone Mountain (GA) Stephenson Offensive Guard Tyler Jones

He's 6-3, 277 pounds and plays tackle but can also play guard. We loved how athletic he was.

He played in an all-star game, the Florida-Georgia game, and I had several people talk to me about how athletic he was in that game. The thing we liked is the second-level ability that he has to get up on linebackers and to pull... be in space.

He's playing against very good competition, as well. There are some very good defensive linemen that he plays against. (TYLER JONES VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Palm Beach (FL) Lakes Wide Receiver Stephen Louis

He played running back, wide receiver, quarterback and defensive back in high school. Willie Snead is his head coach down there.

Stephen is a very serious young man and is already on campus. He had multiple games with five touchdowns in the games. I know just being tied in to some of those coaches down there, many of them raved about this guy, and I have a lot of respect for Coach Snead and his opinion.

The thing I really like about Stephen is his competitiveness and the things he can do after he touches the ball, whether it's on a screen or a jet. You'll see him going up and getting the football. He's very competitive.

In our off-season program there's a lot of competition that Coach V. puts these guys through and to see the way he steps up and competes has been fun. (STEPHEN LOUIS VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Charlotte (NC) West Meck Quarterback Jalan McClendon

Our quarterback in this class from West Meck High School. He played for Coach Caldwell down there and is actually in an all-star game right now down in Texas... the International Bowl. He's down there doing his thing.

He's a big guy that can really sling it. An interesting part of Jalan's background is Jalan was 5'9 his freshman year in high school and then became a 6'5 guy. He started out as a running quarterback, they ran the triple option and were a veer team, then turned it into a spread offense. That's what I like about him, he has two skillsets that he's had to do in two different offenses, and he was very good at it.

He had a chip on his shoulder about being the little guy and now he's a big guy. Jalan had tremendous leadership for us this year. A lot of people tried to get Jalan to switch and flip his decision, and he stayed strong. We really appreciate that. It shows a lot about his integrity and his loyalty. (JALAN MCCLENDON VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Decatur (GA) Columbia Offensive Guard Terronne Prescod

Another early grad, everyone calls Terronne "Big T." I think he's a biscuit away from 360, but he's probably around 340-350 on a normal day. He's a big offensive guard... played tackle in high school, he'll play guard for us.

He picked us over Auburn, and he was a guy that we were extremely excited about. He's a big, physical guy that can play early and is here already. The strength crew can get him ready to play and obviously compete for a job. That's why he wanted to graduate early.

When you're that big, you can move a lot of people... we just have to get him in shape now. From a size standpoint, he's one of those guys you've got to make a little smaller than bigger. So we've got both of those when you look at our line class here. (TERRONNE PRESCOD VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Burlington (NC) Cummings Offensive Tackle Will Richardson

Will was actually one of the first recruits that I met when I got hired here. It was one of our first days on campus, and he was on an unofficial visit in the weight room. You could tell he just had a great feel for NC State.

He's very intelligent and very interested in many of the things that we offer here academically. He took a visit to another school early in the summer and made a decision, but we were able to get him to stay home and be a part of the Wolfpack Nation and a part of PACK14.

We needed a tackle and getting Will provided that. He played left tackle in the Shrine Bowl, protected Jalan McClendon's backside in that game. He's a guy that we'll get in the weight room and develop a little bit. To have one that is 6-6 and over 300 pounds, probably closer to 295 now, he has slimmed down a little bit. It is a big deal in this class. We feel like we got a center, a couple of guards and a couple of tackles... we needed to get a young left tackle that we felt like we could develop. (WILL RICHARDSON VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Charlotte (NC) Mallard Creek Running Back Jaylen Samuels

He is, statistically, about as impressive as they come. He had 55 touchdowns his senior year... was a state champion at Mallard Creek High School. This is a pretty amazing stat, he scored a touchdown every 2.8 times he touched the football his senior year. If that's not productive, I don't know what is.

He was the Charlotte Offensive Player of the Year, his team was 16-0 ,and he had five touchdowns in the state championship game here at Carter-Finley. He can do a lot of things. He's going to play tailback for us when he gets here, but he can also play H-Back and you'll see him as a receiver at times.

To have a guy that is 225-230 pounds that can run the rock and catch it and block for you is a tremendous asset and something that we're looking forward to having here. The guy makes a lot of plays, and they say he's one of the better defensive players they had. They just didn't need him over there. (JAYLEN SAMUELS VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Glenbard West (IL) Offensive Tackle Eric Shute

Eric is another offensive tackle, a right tackle. Eric and Coach Uremovich built a great relationship and we've known his coach, coach Hetlet, for a while. He was an all-state player by the Chicago Tribune... he's a big ol' kid. He has a lot of development he can still do. I really enjoyed getting to know him.

Early on, you could just tell this was where he wanted to be. He's another guy that had a lot of options. I know there were a lot of teams throughout the year that wanted to get back in on him, from the west coast to the east coast, and he stayed strong with us. (ERIC SHUTE VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Warsaw (NC) James Kenan Running Back Marcelias Sutton

Marcelias Sutton... another state champion from this state, from Warsaw, North Carolina... James Kenan High School. I've never seen anybody do what he did in our camp. He ran in the 4.3s, he broad jumped from two feet 11-5, which is freakish, to jump like that. He doesn't play 5-9, 180... he plays like he's 230 pounds. He's an angry dude when he plays football.

He has a great demeanor... very, very upbeat and aggressive football player. He played corner and outside linebacker in the Shrine Bowl, and he is a very physical guy. He ran for 5,272 yards of all-purpose yards in high school, had 19 touchdowns as a senior, averaged over eight yards per touch, and also had 47 tackles and was the MVP of the state championship game. He rushed for 186 yards in that game.

A lot of things he's doing tie in to what we do with our tailbacks when we bring them in motion and run the jets... get them on the perimeter. (MARCELIAS SUTTON VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Upper Marlboro (MD) Wise Tight End Micah Till

He's a tight end and also an excellent basketball player.

He's a very serious kid, very locked in on what he does. I know he's going to want to compete. I went up and watched him play basketball last week. He's just a very competitive guy, the way he practiced. I liked his demeanor and how business-like he was.

He has good ball skills and size at 6-6, 250 pounds. (MICAH TILL VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Southern (NC) Durham Wide Receiver Maurice Trowell

Maurice from a state championship team at Southern Durham High School. Coach Kitchings and Coach Jackson recruited him. He played over there for Coach Jones and Coach D. Rob.

He's another guy that had a tremendous senior year. He had 93 passes caught for 1,700 yards and 19 touchdowns... over 2,000 all-purpose yards. He was an All-State selection, played in the Shrine Bowl, and caught some passes from Jalan in the Shrine Bowl.

He was very impressive in our camp this summer. He came down and was a tremendous route runner. He was very competitive and is a little guy that plays big... he has a chip on his shoulder. He's a very good returner, and I'm excited about what he brings to our return game having lost Rashard [Smith], we need a guy that can help us there. He gives us the ability to have competition at that position once he gets here. (MAURICE TROWELL VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

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