Barber, Turner Talk Miami

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Cat Barber and Ralston Turner met with the media in the Dail Center to discuss Miami.

Cat Barber

"They like coming off ball screens."

"They'll come off another one and if that doesn't work they'll come off another."

"They are kind of big inside and they like to run, so we have to pick the game up and run out."

"I just try to [use] my speed and not let them set up, just get out and tell my team to get out with me and run so we can score the ball easily."

"I'm going to get in the gap and people are going to help and I'll kick it out."

"We just came back in here and kept practicing... getting ready for the next game."

"You just have to keep going at it, keep running. I'm going to keep running no matter what."

"I learned that you have to stay together regardless."

Ralston Turner

"They play a lot of zone so we have to be ready for it."

"He's one of the best players, leading scorers, so we have to be ready."

"Anytime you're on the road no one is on your side anyways."

"We have to find the energy."

"They had a veteran team, they lost a lot."

"Right now we feel like it's still an attainable goal."

"We have to capitalize on everything."

"It'd be nice to not have to keep bouncing back."

"We got a chance to rest the guys that were banged up and we had some time to try and correct some things."

"It could be, hopefully not. Hopefully it's the first to 80. Like I said, they are going to be a tough team."

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