Gottfried: Miami's Zone A Concern

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Miami.

Mark Gottfried

Thoughts on Miami:
They are lot different defensively. They are zoning a lot more, and they are real effective. It's a good matchup zone.

Offensively, very similar. They utilize the ball screens a lot. I think he's done a great job with this team. Regardless of their record in the league they are going to be a tough team to beat, I can promise you that.

How rare is it to have a team to re-invent what they do?
I don't know if it's unique. They lost some games early, and he looked at his team to see what they could get good at. I think they have become good at their matchup zone.

How do you attack the zone?
Ultimately you have to make some shots from the perimeter... they crowd the lane. We have some things we hope that can be very effective against it.

We have to move the ball and set screens, even against the zone, get inside of it. Ultimately you have to make some shots from the perimeter too.

Make good use of the bye week?
It's been a good week for our guys academically, and we've had some good days. We had great energy today, and I think our guys are anxious to play.

It's been a good week. A good week for us to try and get ready to play.

Is Anya getting better?
At times. Health-wise he's getting there. He was able to practice today, and I expect him to be a lot more ready to play from a physical standpoint than he was at Carolina.

I thought he was gimpy in that game and not real effective. I think he's more ready to play.

Health of team:
It's been good. Cat missed a couple of practices..l nothing major, a flu-bug, I think he's over that.

Is it time to start talking about the NCAAs?
No. We have a lot of work to do. We're halfway through the league, and we have to really turn it up in the second half. We have to find a way to win some on the road, which we've been able to do a few times this year. We have to keep improving as a team, that's the most important thing.

We have our nine scholarship guys and they all have to be able to contribute each night.

There's been a pattern of playing better after a loss...
Our guys have had a great attitude all year long and been able to bounce back from a mental standpoint very well. I expect them to do that this weekend.

Will this be a game where it's first to 50?
The question is can you speed them up, which is hard to do... that's kind of the way they played offensively. The way they are playing their zone forces people to take more time also, as far as how you attack them offensively.

If it becomes a slower game we have to find a way to win those games. We've had some good practices this week. I think we're ready to go.

Thoughts on coach Larranaga:
He does a great job. Before he got to Miami he was obviously well-respected. I've known him a long time.

He's certainly done a great job down there and he has this team very competitive.

Is there a point where you will pay attention to the bubble?
If we can get closer. We're not there yet. You have to remember, we were picked way down at the bottom. We're not there yet.

You talking about playoffs? Playoffs?

For us, the most important thing is you have to keep winning. You win your way into the tournament every year.

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