Gottfried: "It's An Important Win"

CORAL GABLES, FL -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over Miami.

Mark Gottfried

"That was a grinder. It's an important win for us, very important."

"I'm very proud of my team. I thought it was a gutsy, tough win."

"I thought our young guys did a nice job of hanging in there and they kept competing."

"T.J. in the second half, I think offensively was spectacular. He had a will to help his team win that was tremendous."

"Team defense today was maybe as good as we've had in a while. Collectively we did a nice job defensively which I thought was the key to the game."

"Cat had the flu... he missed a lot of the week. Tyler got a lot more of the action in practice, the preparation. We'll look at it more in the future, but I thought Tyler stepped in and did a good job. He did a great job."

"Once you get to the next game it's the next game. That's all you're thinking about."

"We had a full week to prepare for their matchup zone."

"The flipside was defending them. We had some time this week to prepare."

"I like that about our group. We're not a very experienced team, yet they bounce back every time."

"Great attitude, they showed great character, and that gives you a chance. It always gives you a chance when you have that."

"This was an important win for us, to come on the road and get a win."

"We had the one late in the game where it was bouncing around everywhere and hits us on the foot... that was a unique play."

"We haven't rebounded well with [the small lineup]. We have to be better there if we're going to do that."

"The other team is swarming around a guy and either pop the ball loose or foul. He's trying to keep them from putting their hands on the ball to tie them up. The officials told me that there was no obvious evidence of any contact so we were fortunate there."

"It's a crowded picture down through the middle. We're at the halfway point... we lost a ton from last year... I'm proud of our group for continuing to improve."

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