Gottfried: "They've Given Us Trouble"

NC State head coach Mark Gottfried fielded questions from the media on his weekly teleconference.

Opening Statement:
We're trying to get ready to play a very good Wake Forest team. Obviously we we went there earlier this year, and they beat us. Thomas has given us trouble, they've given us trouble on the perimeter. We have to be at our best to have a chance to win.

Coach, the new rules were supposed to increase scoring but scoring is down across the league... is that a function of personnel changes or tempo? Why do you think scoring is down?

I don't know that there is an absolute answer. My opinion would be that the rule changes that were meant to go into effect to increase scoring have had no effect. That was a failed attempt.

I don't think the rule changes have had any effect. There was a period at the beginning of the year where all it did was increase the number of foul shots made, which isn't truly increasing scoring. You want to try to increase the number of field goals made.

You have to remember, we moved the three-point line to a farther distance a few years ago, that's probably effected scoring somewhat. Defenses are better, that's going to effect scoring. The ability to scout opponents and take away all the things teams can now with technology... just by calling more fouls, that to me didn't accomplish much.

One other coach suggested that the rules have made it tougher to play man-to-man which makes teams play more zone. Have you seen more zone and that will slow things down right?
A couple of things, teams have played more zone which has slowed the tempo of the game down and remember the three-point line is farther back than it was ten years ago.

Also,when your better players are in foul trouble, your better scorers are on the bench which will have a direct result on how much you score.

Again, I'm not a fan of the new emphasis at all.

They've talked about reducing the shot clock. Are you in favor of that?

I think our game is just fine. I don't think there should be a 9-1-1 panic button hit just because scoring is down.

The game is popular, people watch the game and love college basketball. I hate to make rule changes when we're just throwing a dart at the wall. You're saying, "Maybe this will work." I'm not a fan of that. I've voiced that as a committee member on our board.

Sometimes we just make a change because we think it will work. We have to be careful there.

Is Cat feeling better and did you like the lineup with Tyler back in the starting lineup? How do you move forward with that?

Cat is feeling fine, and I've said many times we need both of those guys playing at a high level.

Tyler I thought was playing very well at Miami, so we left him in and he got more minutes.

For us to be good they both have to be ready and if one is playing better than the other they are probably going to play a little more.

You seemed to be going offense-defense late against Miami. Did that work well?

Yes, I did.

Are they okay with all of that? Do they handle sometimes playing more better than the other guy?

Yes, I think so. I think they are fine.

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