McGirt High On NC State

Durham (NC) Hillside offensive lineman Emanuel McGirt talks NC State and what he likes about the Wolfpack.

Emanuel McGirt has been to Raleigh plenty of times in the past year and each time he visits he comes away feeling even better about the Wolfpack.
McGirt is just around 250 pounds so he's nowhere near where he will be when he's ready to actually get on the field in a college football game but he's still a hot prospect for a lot of schools.
NC State is recruiting McGirt as hard as almost anyone and he lists an offer. He visited the Pack's Junior Day and has attended several sporting events at the school. McGirt was at two football games, a basketball game and he made a trip to the school just to sit down and speak with the coaches.

"It's definitely a football school. The fans are very passionate," said McGirt. "At the Junior Day I sat down and met Coach U (Uremovich). I got to see some of the offensive line stuff and some of the plays they do out there."
Usually playing style is more of a factor for skill position players than lineman but that's something McGirt is paying close attention to. He likes the way they coaching staff teaches their concepts and communicates with their players.
He also likes the continuity there would be if he moved on to NC State from Durham Hillside.
"It's kind of what we do at my high school already so I already know most of the blocking schemes. Of course I don't know the plays but the blocking schemes all make sense to me.
"Me and Coach U have a good relationship. He's cool. He's easy to talk to. Coach Kitchings is my recruiter and I know him too. He's been by the school a lot."
You might assume that McGirt would focus on trying to visit schools he hasn't been to as often but he likes the idea of returning to NCSU even more in the future.
"I'm supposed to be going this weekend or next weekend and then I'm going to spring practice. They're going to give me some things to work on."
McGirt has a trio of favorites in NC State, North Carolina and South Carolina and said all three of those schools are about in the same place. He hasn't been to North Carolina as often as he has been to State but was scheduled to attend UNC's matchup with Duke last Wednesday before that game was rescheduled.
McGirt has never visited South Carolina but will be there for the first time for a Junior Day on March 29. He recently added an offer from Duke.

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