Locker Room Report: NC State

CLEMSON, S.C. -- NC State's Mark Gottfried and Tyler Lewis met with the media after the loss to Clemson.

Mark Gottfried

"I'll start off with: You've got to give Clemson a lot of credit. They played well. We wanted to limit K.J. [McDaniels] and try to keep him somewhat in check throughout the game, which I thought we did, at times. But I thought they had an answer. They had some other guys that stepped up and scored, probably more than they have in some other games, so you've got to give those guys some credit. Our team seemed to be a step slow all day. Take nothing away from Clemson, they played great, but we seemed to really not have the edge that we've had in a lot of games, so that was really disappointing for us."

"We just, today, we did not have that same intensity level, zip, energy. We seemed to be heavy legged the whole day. We had a terrible start to the game. We got going at the end of the first half. We just never seemed to have that same energy level that we had, so that was really frustrating for us."

"We had such a bad start. We had good second half of the first half that last eight or 10 minutes. And what we really needed was a great start to the second half, and we didn't. We came out flat again. We had good looks and we couldn't make them. They did a good job of defending us, at times, but I thought we also had a lot of good shots that we just couldn't make, open shots, and we bobbled the ball, we mishandled the ball, we did some things we don't normally do, never seemed to get going."

"Truthfully, [T.J. has] been really spectacular. I thought today was probably the worst game he's had in a long time, and just never really got going. Again, he did some things he doesn't normally do. He missed some shots around the rim and he bobbled the ball out of bounds. Those are things that T.J. [Warren] doesn't do very often, so he just had one of those days. I think our whole team did and it wasn't just T.J. It was our whole team."

Tyler Lewis

"I could sense that a little bit. Had some rough traveling these last couple of days. It's never easy coming down here playing. We had a great team last year and they took us down to the wire down here. Have a lot of newcomers. This place is very hard to play at. I thought we could have played better."

"Like coach [Mark Gottfried] said, you're going to have these days. You're going to have these days in life where nothing goes right for you. It's basketball. You're going to have ups and downs."

"It's never good to start off slow. I felt like they started each half very good. They got up on us, 7-0, I think they made a 9-2 run, to start the second half. We just couldn't get it going the whole game."

"It's very disappointing. We felt like we should have got that game up there [at Syracuse]. We felt like, we talked to the team, we're going to have to build on it. We can't have a hangover. I felt like we had a hangover today."

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