Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

BLACKSBURG, VA -- Tyler Lewis and T.J. Warren met with the media after the win over Virginia Tech.

Tyler Lewis

"It's real big to come back and get a win.. we had to get those losses out of our system. It feels good to get a win."

"We have to play good at home... knowing we need these games, we have to give it our all, 100% every play."

"From there he had 17 at the half and 31 at the game. It's unreal... I feel like we don't even go to him that much. It always ends up in his hands and he makes plays."

"Everybody on our team knows every game matters for us right now."

"It felt really good to go out there and control the team... play my game."

"They ended up getting rebounds."

"We have to go back, Carolina is really good at getting rebounds off free throws, we have to work on that."

"They weren't making them so they helped us out."

"All that matter is we get the 'W.'"

T.J. Warren

"It started to feel good."

"There was some open spacing, so I started attacking."

"We want to come out from the start... be real aggressive."

"Every game is important right now."

"Tyler he orchestrated the offense really good, finding the open making, kicking it back, attacking the gaps. Tyler did a very good job."

"We just have to be tougher with the ball and take care of it. We kind of slowed down late but our defense pulled out the win."

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