Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

BLACKSBURG, VA -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Virginia Tech.

Mark Gottfried

"It is a very important win for our team. I am really proud of our guys, to come on the road, and Virginia Tech had been playing really well the last three games."

"We had a great start."

"T.J. was terrific again."

"Tyler gets 11 assists, with no turnovers, and played a phenomenal floor game."

"Our big guys rebounded the ball. Our four interiors guys... played 64 total minutes at Clemson and got between them. Today, I think we got 18 out of that group. That was a big difference for us."

"T.J. Warren. What do you say? He was aggressive and did a terrific job. We got off to a great start. T.J. hit the two threes to start the game. I thought that gave us a lift."

"We have had two really good practices after a really bad game at Clemson. We had a lot of energy the last two days and it carried over into today. I thought our energy level was really high. We were aggressive and I thought that was important to start the way we did."

"[T.J. Warren] just does so much to help our team. We take for granted sometimes the fact that he can pick it out of there and get a steal, get a defensive rebound or offensive rebound. He is a tough player to defend. You can try all kinds of stuff, he just finds a way. Terrific job by him today."

"The only thing I did not like is we fouled them a couple times (late in the game). T.J. fouled them with 15 seconds on the shot clock and then Desmond fouled them 80 feet away from the basket. We put them on the foul line with using any clock. Overall it was good, but the fouls a couple times late is something we need to learn from."

"(On N.C. State having 24 more FG attempts than Virginia Tech and committing only seven turnovers) I thought it was big. Tyler was the main reason for that, 11 assists and no turnovers. Not a lot of guys in America could get that. They don't get that."

"Overall, I am really proud of our team. We have got 17 wins. We are hungry."

"We are playing a game on Wednesday that most people I am sure think we are going to get beat by 20 or so. North Carolina is the hottest team in America. Nobody is playing hotter than North Carolina right now. This is classic David and Goliath. We have probably got no shot in most everybody's eyes, but our guys are going to be really excited about it. It is going to be fun."

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