AUDIO: Pack Preps For Canes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Mark Gottfried, BeeJay Anya, and Kyle Washington discussed the upcoming game against Miami with the media.

Mark Gottfried

"It took me until about 4:30 in the morning to go to sleep. It was a hard night."

"It's a life lesson. Tough, emotional loss, but it's our responsibility. We can control how mentally ready we are to play on Saturday. That's up to us, and it's been our focus yesterday and today."

"There is no sense in us pouting, putting our head down. The job that we have is to have phenomenal energy."

"Our guys have grown in their confidence with our perimeter shooting, attacking the zones, getting the ball inside against the zones, working it inside-out."

"We'll see some against Miami, they'll play some man and some zone, but I think our guys will be ready either way."

"We know them and they know us. We watched the tape from the first game and tried to pick out some things we may have been good at, not so good at. They are doing the same thing."

"This will be an interesting game."

"Our team has really improved. I think our young guys have got better. What you want to do is play your best basketball in February and March."

"We have to continue to get better and work and see if we can play at a high level the rest of the way out."

"We want to play in the NCAA Tournament. It's not something I'll be shy about. That's the goal... to get into the tournament and once you're in, anything can happen. We want to win a national championship here."

"That's something we want. We're going to play every game and compete as hard as we can and see where it ends up."

"Our backs may be pressed against the wall, but that's okay. We've got to deal with it and keep striving for what we want to achieve."

"Our league is such a great basketball league with so many great players there are so many guys deserving of [first-team All-ACC]."

"Defensively, [T.J. Warren] has been good. He has got better. When you look at T.J. from a year ago to now, his rebounding, his defense, his team defense. All of those things have improved for him."

"The motivation for him comes from the fact that he wants to win. He wants to be a player good enough to lead his team to victory. He was really disappointed the other night. He was more down than anybody. He really feels it's his responsibility as a player is to lead his team to victory. I like that about him. That's a great quality to have."

"He's a great shooter. He's a confident player and I think this time of the year as an upperclassmen he's been aggressive too. He's somebody for us that's a high priority, as far as containing him and not letting him get going."

Kyle Washington

"We have stay positive.. keep working hard everyday."

"It wouldn't be difficult if we knew we couldn't play like that on a nightly basis."

"We just have to finish games. We win most of the game and then the last few seconds or so we have a few breakdowns."

"There are a few things I could have done better."

"We know we can play with the top 25 teams. We damn near had the No. 1 team in the nation beat."

"It definitely does. It will be an exciting, but very difficult journey to get there."

"We have to work hard enough to get it... we just have to focus."

"They are very strong, very physical and play great defense... they are always going to come out with great schemes to try and get it done."

"Everybody is good in this league."

"McAdoo kind of boxed me out. I was on the other block, but I wish I could have got a chance to block it."

"It was difficult to watch."

BeeJay Anya

"I've been playing well, so hopefully I can keep it up."

"I have to keep going, keep going strong."

"Not really, he just says not to worry about that."

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