AUDIO: Pack Players Talk UNC

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media in the Dail Center to discuss tonight's game against North Carolina.

Tyler Lewis

"I feel like we're playing a lot better as a team right now, offensively and defensively."

"It's going to be key to get off to a good start. Last game they got off to a big start and controlled the whole game, we were playing catch-up."

"It was one of the most exciting moments of my life, beating Carolina. Everybody rushed the court. It was fun."

"Especially when T.J. gets going early. He has that mentality that he can score on anybody."

"You have to be able to find them. It gets my assists up and helps them produce more points."

"I'm getting into more of a flow of the game. I'm out there playing a lot of minutes... controlling the tempo, I'm able to get everybody involved."

"They'll probably go at me a little bit and probably try to pressure me on offense, take us out of our offense, change the tempo of the game."

"He's a really good basketball player with a high basketball IQ."

"I love it. Everybody just wants us to win. Sometimes our fans even put some pressure on us, but it's all fun."

Ralston Turner

"I remember the crowd was pretty amped up. I think people here are excited about that game."

"That's really the opinion of other people... you still have to be ready to play."

"We have to use it to our advantage... hopefully [the crowd's energy] can take us through."

"The main thing is we're moving the ball better."

"It just tells us to be ready to play."

"I think Tyler has done a great job."

"He has a good basketball IQ... with his passing ability."

"You can say that. We dealt with similar situations. The main thing about it is I'm happy to see him push through that and I'm happy to see him have some success."

Kyle Washington

"We need to make sure we're always talking, boxing out, and hitting bodies."

"We have to come ready to play, ready to play defense, but I have confidence in myself and in my teammates."

"Just be ready to play right from the start. Don't try to be a hero. Just take care of the defensive end, rebound, and talk and everything else will take care of itself."

"Slide my feet, don't play defense with my hands... come ready to play."

"There are a few things I could change... coach has been finding looks for me and my teammates have been getting me open so I'm appreciative of that."

"That was crazy. I told you guys before... when I play with intensity and come with focus that will be the result."

"My confidence really went up that game. I always knew I had ability like that I just have to show it on a consistent basis."

"Coach challenged us [for the Virginia Tech game]... we needed to do a good job rebounding the ball against Virginia Tech."

"They crash the boards hard."

"It would be huge. We need to concentrate on [North Carolina]."

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