Each month, Pack Pride's Steve Williams and James Henderson will pick ten prospects to predict where they could eventually sign. This month they are joined by Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons who will share his thoughts on the ten prospects.

Each month, Pack Pride's Steve Williams and James Henderson will pick ten prospects to predict where they will eventually sign.

This edition focuses solely on top prospects within the Southeast Region, and because of that, the special guest is Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons, who evaluates that region for the network.

Prospect List Of Schools Steve Williams James Henderson Chad Simmons
RB Mikell Lands-Davis
(Douglasville (GA) Alexander HS)
NC State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, UNC, Syracuse
RB Johnathan Hawkins
(Lawrenceville (GA) Central Gwinnett HS)
NC State, Auburn, Arkansas, Florida, FSU, Georgia Tech
QB Lorenzo Nunez
(Kennesaw (GA) Harrison HS)
NC State, South Carolina, Ohio State, BC, Auburn
DE Michael Barnett
(Dorchester (SC) Woodland HS)
NC State, Clemson, Auburn, Alabama, USC, UNC, FSU, Georgia
DE Jalen Dalton
(Clemmons (SC) West Forsyth HS)
UNC, Duke, VT, NC State, ECU, Clemson
LB Tyler Cooksey
(Norcross (GA) GAC)
NC State, UNC, Georgia Tech, BC, Clemson, Northwestern, Duke
S Jarius Morehead
(Gibsonville (NC) Eastern Guilford HS)
NC State, ECU, UNC, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Duke
C Bryan Chaffin
(Charlotte (NC) Christian HS)
NC State, Duke, UNC, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Clemson, Wake Forest
LB Riley Nicholson
(Seminole (FL) Osceola HS)
NC State, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Duke, Georgia Tech, Marshall
WR Markeyvious Adams
(Greenwood (SC) HS)
NC State, Clemson, USC, Marshall, App. State, ODU

Which prospect was the easiest for you to predict, and why?
Steve Williams: Jarius Morehead. He's been a strong State lean for quite a while and unless someone takes his spot, I'd be surprised if he doesn't end up with the Wolfpack.

James Henderson: Jalen Dalton. I'm not sure who else he's "really" considering right now outside of UNC. Maybe Duke?

Chad Simmons: Lorenzo Nunez. At this time, with all I am hearing from sources about his level of interest in South Carolina.

I know he is committing in the near future too, so odds appear to be very high that he ends up in Columbia, S.C. at this time.

On the other hand, which prospect was the hardest for you to predict, and why?
Steve Williams: A couple were kind of tough but probably the most difficult was Johnathan Hawkins. I like the position State is in but Hawkins has some heavy hitters on his list and if one of them really ramps it up I could see this one not going NC State's way.

James Henderson: Lorenzo Nunez. I don't know what it is about his recruitment, but I just can't seem to figure out what he's going to do. Most signs point to South Carolina, and they could be right, but he just doesn't strike me as your typical Steve Spurrier quarterback.

I'm interested to see his thoughts on NC State after this weekend's visit.

Chad Simmons: Michael Barnett was that guy for me. A lot will depends on his upcoming visits this summer and into the fall.

Clemson may lead now, but he still wants to get to Alabama, Georgia, and other schools in the coming months. This one could change a good bit over time.

All three of you picked NC State for Eastern Guilford (NC) safety Jarius Morehead. Why did you make that prediction?
Steve Williams: NC State has recruited him the longest and the hardest. He seems to have the best relationship with State's coaches and I think that'll pay off- again, assuming he doesn't wait himself out of the spot.

James Henderson: It's a lot like Dalton to me. I think Morehead is just really focused on NC State right now.

Chad Simmons: All signs point to the Wolfpack right now. He is not hiding his interest in N.C. State, he is staying in regular contact with the staff in Raleigh, and the buzz certainly has him as a strong lean.

This group is focused mainly on NC State targets within the Southeast Region. Name one player not on this list from the region that you feel could eventually commit to NC State, and why?
Steve Williams: We didn't list Rion Davis from Columbia SC. I know State really likes him and he's a candidate that, if he committed early, could potentially rob a spot from Freddie Phillips or Jarius Morehead.

James Henderson: Cary (NC) defensive lineman Anthony Rush continues to be that guy for me. He's added offers and will continue to do so, but he's very, very high on the Wolfpack.

Chad Simmons: Freddie Phillips is one that jumps to mind here. He has visited N.C. State a few times, he is developing a good relationship with coaches there, and he feels wanted. It is so important for these prospects to believe the staff has a plan for him and I see Phillips seeing that in N.C. State.

A lot of times these predictions are based on information/sources, but were any of your picks a "gut feeling," and if so, pick one and why?
Steve Williams: Tyler Cooksey was a gut pick for me. I know his dad went to Georgia Tech so there's obvious pressure for him to follow in his footsteps. However, he really seemed to enjoy his visit to UNC and I think Cooksey ends up going his own way.

James Henderson: Michael Barnett. The inclination is to label him a Clemson lean given his in-state ties and relationship with Kelly Bryant, but I do feel he's very, very high on NC State.

The Wolfpack coaches have established a bond with him, and he's a kid that will openly admit that he's looking past the name on the front of the jersey. He's looking for the school that fits him best.

Chad Simmons: Riley Nicholson would be this guy. This one is close, very close I hear between N.C. State and West Virginia right now. I have heard good things about each school and I know he has interest, high interest in each program, but something just pushed me a little more towards the Mountaineers at this stage.

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