Doeren: "I Liked What I Saw"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the first day of spring practice.

Dave Doeren

Opening Statement:
It's a lot different when you're out there the first time and they aren't just learning what you want out of practice... it's fun to see the guys running around.

I was watching a lot of the defensive play today so I can't really comment on the offense, but I'll get in there and watch the film. I liked what I saw.

You know what you have in Jacoby. How much more comfortable does that make you?
It's not a question mark. Last year you were trying to evaluate every snap and wonder who it's going to be. It gives you that.

Then the confidence with the guys around him, the other ten that are in the huddle with him, it helps them as well.

You said even though he was named the starter he wasn't named the Heisman, but he can make some plays can't he?
All I'm saying is that he has a lot to prove. He has started a game here yet, but he's the No. 1 quarterback in our offense. He's going to play like a No. 1.

Ask him, he's hard on himself, he's competitive, and he does have a great skillset. But, he has a lot of young guys around him and now they need to get that chemistry.

Can the receivers take some pressure off him?
You always want that... it helps a lot for the quarterback when you have people catching the ball.

How big is Bryan Underwood's presence?
Bryan is a vet, and he needs to play like a vet. When your seniors play like seniors running out of time, it can really help your ballclub.

He needs to be himself everyday, limit the downs and be very steady. It looked like he had a good practice.

Thoughts on freshman safety Josh Jones:
He's a big safety that's a contact player that plays with speed and a big chip on his shoulder. Josh is a real serious guy when it comes to football and how he plays.

He can cover a lot of ground. You love to see the size that he and Hakim possess out there on the field together. It helps you.

Any young guys impress you on defense?
I was really focused on the field part of our secondary today... Tim Buckley and Dravious Wright. I didn't see a whole lot else. I was really focused on those two guys.

Tomorrow I'll be able to give you a lot more on that.

What was the motivation with those two specifically?
Just trying to get more eyes on players in the back-end. We're playing with a lot of youth so the more on-field coaching we can get the better we'll do.

Where is the team now physically?
We've had tremendous gains in the offseason, not just gaining weight and personal bests as far as lifts and jumps but body changes and body fat changes.... muscular gains.

I like that. It's a big part of what you have to do in college football, develop your team.

David Grinnage and Benson Browne seem to have big bodies with good hands.
They caught the ball well. 270-pound guys that are 6'5. It's a big target for the quarterback.

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