Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over Miami.

Ralston Turner

"I feel like that all the time, but I was just out there shooting normal shots."

"They were good shots, and the shots I felt like our team needed so I took them."

"I think it was huge. It gave me an opportunity to do some other things, but also made it tough on their defense."

Desmond Lee

"What killed us last time was the turnovers we had."

"We can't turn the ball over this time and we have to hit the boards against them and make shots."

"A lot is on the line. We have a lot to play for."

"We have to win the whole thing to get in."

"We felt like we gave it away at their place."

Cat Barber

"You can't panic... we just stayed together."

"Everyone knows that if we lose we're done so we just didn't want to be done here. We came too far to just be done here."

"That was in our mindset... we were going to win this game."

"We have to get this one... it was a great game."

"They are going to come to play and we're going to play."

Kyle Washington

"We executed on the defensive and offensive end."

"When we're clicking on all cylinders we are dangerous."

"It's going to be huge, but you saw it today."

"It's exciting to be in Greensboro and feeling like you're back in Raleigh."

"We have a lot of confidence but to tell you the truth I feel like we surprised them a little bit and they are going to make adjustments."

"We needed to regroup."

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