PC: Billikens Talk NC State

ORLANDO, FL -- Saint Louis standouts Rob Loe and Austin McBroom discuss NC State with the media.

Just talk a little bit about whether you were able to watch last night's game and how difficult that is not knowing until last night who you were playing?
Yeah, we got to watch it last night. We watched it as a team in the meeting room. We got to see them. We got to talk about them a little bit. It's hard not knowing who we're playing, but our coach did a great job scouting both teams and letting us know a little bit of information about both, and then today we came in and worked on NC State.

Can you talk about the difficulties of a 5 versus 12 match-up? Is there some kind of mystique or can you even consider it an upset anymore?
I don't think it should be an upset. I think every team in the tournament is going to be a great team to play against, whether the seeding is a good seed or not. We've got to take every team like it's the best team in the tournament, so we've just got to come out, and like Rob said, we're prepared really well.

Coach has us prepared for whatever team we're going to play, whether it's Xavier or NC State, and now it's NC State so we've got to prepare for them and come out tomorrow and make a statement.

You dropped five of your last six, got the big win over Xavier. How is the team coming into this tournament?
We're good. We didn't end conference play the way we wanted to, but we had fire. We've had fire in practices. We've had some great practices this last week, and I think we want to prove that we're still a great team. We let it slip a little bit there at the end of the season, but we're out to prove that we're still a great team.

Talk a little bit about the experience you guys have in this tournament and how that might help you this week.
I think we have a lot of experience. We have five seniors, actually all five seniors start. They've been here, this is their third time in the tournament, so yeah, we have great experience coming into the tournament.

ROB LOE: Yeah, you know, this is our third year now, so six or seven of us have all been a part of a team that's come. So the experiences here, we know what it's going to take to win a game or win a couple games. We know what it's like, all the lights that surround the NCAA Tournament so I think we're prepared, and I think experience rubs off on the younger guys and things like that.

Would you say that T.J. Warren is the toughest player you've matched up with all year?
I mean, we've played some great players this season. He's probably one of the better ones. It's not just an individual game, though, it's a team game. NC State is a great team, and we've got to match up five guys with their five guys. We can't just play a one-on-one game. It's a team game, it's five on five, so whatever we can do as a team to stop him and NC State, we're going to do.

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